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I was nodding emphatically while reading all the above comments on how text is better than video. But apparently we're the minority here. But the reason for my comment is related to what Mike wrote: Another obvious problem with reviews these days is that they are posted immediately, [...] By far the most valuable reviews come from people who have used the product for weeks or months and have gotten thoroughly familiar with it through actual experience Well that's exactly my feeling. I want long-term reviews, and I guess many other people would benefit from reading long-term reviews especially now that cameras are uniformly good and second-hand gear is so convenient. Can I link to something I wrote in my obscure corner of the web? It's about my experience with a Fuji X-Pro 1 written in 2017. Yes, 2017! I may have gone off the tangent here and there but I think the underlying message is similar to what Mike writes. Technical details, we all agree -- check the manufacturer's website or dpreview. Real, articulated comments by normal people using the camera to do what they're supposed to do (taking pics!) it's what I want to read. The "official Fuji X-photographer" praising the jpeg profiles? Enough already! These days I value more the TOP comments about camera gear than any other site. Among the sponsored photographer the only one I follow and whose advice or comment is truly interesting to read is Patrick Laroque (for example, this one is intriguing because he was able to capture my attention talking about the some Fuji jpeg profiles I've mentioned above). About professionals, I'd be interested to hear what Alex Majoli thinks about his m4/3 Olympus camera and if there's anything peculiar in this choice. I have the feeling that the truly good photographers/artist do not talk about gear like it's a dirty subject. But then I remember watching a video with Jay Meisel showing the same passion for gear that I'd have -- he mentioned using a 'lowly' 70-300 Nikon zoom for his street photos. And Galen Rowell in some of his Outdoor Photography columns (or Photographer? the US magazine...) going in depth about his use of low-end Nikon gear which was lighter than the pro cameras and lenses.
I'm typing this on a Retina MB Pro 13" (Mid-2014) that I've bought used in 2015, before moving to Norway (I'm originally from Italy) for a temporary contract. Needed the portability, and this MB only costed me 850 EUR back then. Works ok even with only 8Gb of ram for my photography (I use Lightroom, and my camera's RAW files range from 16 to 24Mp). But my main machine which I will duly upgrade when I go back home is a Hackintosh, i.e. a standard PC where I've installed MacOS. I recommend this route if you have the nerd gene and don't mind (or even enjoy) tinkering with hardware and software (but honestly, the last experiences have been painless and smooth; however if you're the sort of guy that actually need the help of the hilariously called Geniuses or if you buy Apple Care then maybe the Hackintosh route is not appropriate). Go check for build options, infos etc. I do love MacOS but I don't love Apple anymore (my first mac was an iBook G3). I'm now using my computer mainly as a LR machine for photography; my entire music library is now on Google Play and not iTunes; docs and sheets are on Google Docs and Sheet; my work is done in Python (also my blog runs on Pelican); I don't use any other of the fancy apps developed on Mac. So I could either go Linux which I would love to do but... no LR! Or Windows 10, yes, and I could setup all the gizmos to have Python and my other shit running but that doesn't make me smile. The problem is LR you see... I remember the talk about being locked in by Apple once you give away all your stuff to the 'ecosystem' but my feeling is now that I feel locked in by Lightroom! Il remember the pain when moving from my beloved Aperture to LR -- I still have projects and RAWs to be updated and it's been years now since "THE MOVE". I dream of Adobe releasing LR to Linux but that will never happen. The other dream? Some magic converter of my entire library with all the edits to Darktable. But until then I'll probably stick with MacOS and my Hackintosh.
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Feb 27, 2017