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Chad, thanks for the detailed post. Pasted an excerpt below, could you provide more clarification on how these statements will continue to describe different products as the industry moves towards off the shelf solutions? The type of orchestration and life cycle management that typically defines CI/HCI is becoming less dependent on custom integrations and plugins designed by companies like Dell EMC. VMware already refers to VSAN as HCI, and with the release of products like SDDC Manager any gap in the definition of features that qualify a product to be 'HCI' appears to be closing. "Ready Bundles are more than just server + network + storage + software packaged around a given workload… it’s READY. Tested, validated, documented – and setup for easy acquisition. Ready Systems are more than just CI/HCI + software packaged around a given workload. It’s READY. Tested, validated, documented – and setup for easy acquisition."
vSAN is an excellent product and it doesn't suprise me that it is blazing the path for HCI growth however I am not sure if the vCenter management integration is a great benefit or a reflection of the the limited number of configuration choices. The lack of ability to access or scale the datastore outside the cluster prevents vSAN from being able to completely push the traditional SAN solutions outside of the datacenter. I wonder how the growth of vSAN will affect the Tintri IPO this year as in my mind they seem to target the same customer who wants fast, reliable storage and is willing to sacrifice flexibility for ease of use. I am very excited to watch ScaleIO grow. I see ScaleIO being the HCI solution that enables entire datacenters to run without a traditional SAN. As ScaleIO grows and gains more exposure I think customers who are looking at their VMAX or VNX lease ending soon will turn to ScaleIO as a potential successor. I can see ScaleIO in combination with products similar to DDVE and Unity VSA powering the storage services of the fully software defined datacenter.