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Ask him when can we get more land for less price? More prims per parcel? Why can't they clean up abandoned land so it doesn't look like a trailer park? Why can't we have a modernized prim system that allows for more constructive modelling and voxel terrain editing? IOW, make Second life on par with many of the dozens of games and systems that it is competing with for attention? In the older days, people would stand around and watch other people build things. They would have conversations and learn to build together. With the arrival of sex toys and mesh, that is all basically gone. It was the community that made Second Life to enthralling. Now it's just a cesspool of deviant behaviour.
I think Linden Labs could learn a few lessons here!
I have always believed that if Second Life would have done a couple of things early on, they would be wildly successful today. 1. Been less stingy on land and prims. As technology got less expensive and more powerful the benefits should have been trickled down to the users. 2. Used the Marketplace only as an advertising venue for in-world shopping. I believe the world began to dry up once avatars no longer had to "go" places to buy things. I dearly loved shopping for textures. It all changed with the market place. 3. Drop-in mesh should have never been developed. Instead, more effort should have been given to creating a new primitive building tool that could have created the equivalent of mesh in-world. Some of my fondest memories were of building parties where multiple contributed to a single project. Those days are gone. 4. More attention to what worked in earlier platforms. was a platform (it still exists) that had a lot going for it. It was simplistic and cartoony, but the animations when people dropped in for a group chat were amazing. The animations and the abilities for pets to learn your behaviours were uncanny. The world was one large contiguous world. I had friends that literally walked all the way around the world and came back after a couple of week to exactly where they started. True. There was no real "water" but those things could easily be fixed. Because of the universal and contiguous nature of the world, they had some amazing physics as well which made parties where people jumped off cliffs en-mass or came to drive in with their latest buggies a very special event. Yes, SL has these things, but they have never been polished the way they could have been. They have never evolved.
When are we going to be able to create totally new objects in-world using the Archimatrix tools? Editing preexisting objects is fine, but leaving the world to create the objects ruins the user experience! still exists and in There, you could walk, ride, drive or fly all around the entire world and return back where you started.
Are they going to have full regions with 120,000 prims like their opensim cousins have had for years? Are they going to introduce regions larger than 256meters like their cousins? Are they going to announce any kind of new 3d inworld building systems like SineSpace just did? So much potential and so thoroughly wasted...
Maybe also because it really sucks?
Sansar and Second Life are great at making "scenes" and playing dressup and taking a picture on just the right sex bed in just the right light. Too bad they completely suck at following through on anything or building real virtual worlds.
So you can't build in-world? Wasn't that one of the best features of Second Life? I got less interested when designers started dumping meshes in SL. It took all the wonder away. What would really be cool is if, using 2017 server hardware, they upped all the in-world design limitation 10x. Allow regions equal to opensim in size without charging a stupid tier for it, Allow 150,000 prims and tack on a more modern in-world building module that allows for a few new things, like booleans, chamfers, fillets, etc. Finally allows us a terrain model built on voxels. Stuff like that would be "moving forward"
I think that most people would rather Linden Labs FIX Second Life and modernize it. They could make a fortune if they would increase prim and region size, reduce lag and make things more fluid like not have to have 10 HUDs to have a decent Avatar. Oh, and Eliminate tier. Just a reasonable fee for land that's comparable to virtual server pricing. Right now, Second Life people feel abandoned - NO MATTER WHAT Linden Labs may say to the contrary.
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Mar 28, 2017