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Hi Mike, You have very rightfully described a ritual that I have "enjoyed" to do for many years but sincerely I would not return to this analog technology mainly because of the excellent convenience of digital photography and printing. But memories are always good to remember and share!
To add a bit more, we can summarize by saying that consumaring has replaced contemplating ...
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Yes I can understand that the mega-explosion of the Internet communication plates-formes has been a game changer for the instant information. But at the end this is purely ephemeral. One flash picture is almost replaced by the time it has been presented. In my very modest opinion the full process of producing a photography is really completed by printed it and presented it (can be in a frame, a book, etc.). My big concern is the lost of most of our present photo prestations. I think we have the task to valorize again the importance of photo printing.
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The Fujinon XF16mm F2.8 R WR lens is a very sensitive addition to the Fujifilm X-mount line-up. As I have said years ago the Fujifilm X-Mount series represent the real digital successor of the Leica M and R analog series. As a previous M 4P, M 6 and R4 user, I have found with the Fujifilm X-E and X-T models the same joy of doing photography (Shutter speed & aperture control dials and manual focusing at will). And forget please that annoying about pseudo "Full-Frame" saga!
Logical and simple, I perfectly agree with your choice. But I am not sure that others will not try to defend and justify their own photo equipment bias. Happy New Year!
Zenith E with a selenium exposure meter! This Russian camera was available in the beginning of seventies and was a first for many of us of that time. Screw mount 42mm wit focal cloth shutter mechanism. Good memories! (We use to call it the "Frankenstein") - Daniel M
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"Adéquation" is a very relative thing. Relative for the context, relative for the user, relative for the sharing task, relative for the fashion trend, etc. (Still) Cameras as a tool can be evolutive over time but the images (prints) resulting of them are (more) timeless and will long survive after the obsolescence of the photo equipment.
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Yes Mike I fully agree with your actual analyst regarding all the present "professional" reviewers available on the Web. Independence and personal point of view have been evacuated from any discussion but the nature of the people that are consulting these "corporate" product presentations dont really allow to be critical or subjective. And many bloggers are trying to live of the publicist references. Yes there are becoming "marketers" (first line) of the camera manufacturers. In fact you have to go further (deeper) into the Web planet to find passionate but money uninterested persons in an effort to get more refresh equipment or technical evaluation. And I can tell you that the comments issued from a more original point of view can be very harsh or destructive. This is why you have to stay focus on your passion. Receive my warmest salutations. Daniel M
The best compromise I have found (for the moment) is managing two small MFT kits composed of an Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark w/M.Zuiko 12-40mm F2.8 (the all-weather outdoor and travel combo) and an Olympus Pen-F w/M.Zuiko 17mmF1.8 & 45mmF1.8 (the urban follower kit). Of course lenses, battery packs and external flashes are interchangeable between those two kits. You can can get the same results with the appropriate Panasonic and Fujifilm products with some restrictions over the stabilization options available. At last you have to choose a camera that you will have fun with it and be ready to bring with you without second though.
I an glad you have recover your Olympus in good shape and still in workable condition. You need to add a GPS location devise to help you finding your disperse equipment :-) ! Your story have just reassure me of the durability of the Olympus OM-D series and as an outdoor user myself I really appreciate to learn it. Thanks for the post. Daniel M
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Apr 21, 2017