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Edward Hara
Tired, frustrated, arguing with God all the time. Getting nowhere.
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Ray Sutton, in his book on covenant, THAT YOU MAY PROSPER, has said that unless there is visible authority on earth, God then has no authority on earth. One of the five working principles of covenant is that of hierarchy. I don't think you are necessarily saying that hierarchy is a bad thing, but rather than it can be misused. If this is the case, as one who myself has been rather roundly abused by hierarchical leaderships of several various types, I would say a fervent (and perhaps Evangelical sounding) AMEN! My latest abuse comes from the very people who are supposed to be my spiritual fathers and guides - the Church. You have given me some food for thought. I am no fan of anarchy, but I wonder if we should just automatically listen to every hierarchical voice that comes along, just because they claim that they "represent God" in all that they say, declare, and do. I seem to remember Jesus teaching something about knowing a tree by its fruit rather than by what it appears to be - a good tree bearing good fruit and a bad tree bearing bad fruit. As such, the church I am currently affiliated with is giving me considerable pause for reflection after not only an examination of its fruit, but a deep taste which has produced considerable bitterness on my tongue.