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Bonnie Jean MacKay
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Why do you say, "(the Yankton and Yanktonai, sometimes erroneously referred to as “Nakota”)"? Why erroneously? I was recently at a Dakota Truth-telling Symposium at Fort Snelling, and John Eagle Sr., tribal historic preservation officer for the SRST (Standing Rock Sioux Tribe) spoke of the Lakota and Dakota, and I am pretty sure he mentioned the Nakota, as though the dialect denoted a people who spoke it - perhaps the Oglala Sioux Nation?
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I want to thank you for the blogs you have written on the topics of the peoples of the Great Plains. I am studying the Missouri River and the history and prehistory of the occupants (human, mostly for the time being) leading up to implementation of the Pick-Sloan flood control plan and the construction of dams and the resulting reservoirs along the main stem of the Missouri River. I am finding your research invaluable to my topic - you have done all th foundational research, and I am simply THRILLED with it!
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May 17, 2017