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A chilly 8 degrees outside and a fairly reasonable (for Winter) 19 degrees in the water, but nonetheless I was very happy to get out after half an hour. With that in mind, it's worth revisiting yesterday's blog/news and giving a massive shout out to Michael Tey, who spent eight... Continue reading
Posted Jun 24, 2017 at Pacific Jules
Oh and Rainer was doing the Manly Fun Run with his family today, so I think that explains his absence
Lovely to meet you too Edwina! Hmmm I might do I quite edit on that error. Sorry Lesley (and Tim!). Teething issues. I struggle with jokes haha.
Thanks Jenny - just the motivation I need to get me out of bed haha
Aw thanks! Was a pleasure
Lol, really stuffed that one up. I think I might not have understood the 'joke' :s
Hmmm as I said, may have misheard/invented some finer details whoops!
Haha - I thought you'd be more disappointed if you weren't to appear at all, but fair call... come find me when you're wearing your blogger goggles, I got plenty of terrible angles for you to capture :)
Oh I thought you said 'World' oops, either it works and you're fabulous :)
Such a beautiful morning. It was good fun!
Thanks Fiona!
A pretty spectacular sunrise to welcome us into the ocean this morning (but to be fair it might be like that most days and I just sleep through it). Thank you everyone for the tips,advice, extroversion and obliging smiles that got me through my first blog picture taking sesh with... Continue reading
Posted May 20, 2017 at Pacific Jules