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Stacey Landrum
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I'm playing on Windows 10 with the newest Windows Edge Update, and this is still not working even with then. I'm able to see the box that the game belongs in, and the box on the side that says "So and so is sharing Baby Bottles" or what ever else, and you can click the option to give and receive items, but as far as seeing the actual's just blank. I see the boxes at the top that say "Play" "Free Gift" "Invite" "Add Farm Bucks" etc. but other than that, there's nothing. The screen looks exactly as it should, but there's no game in the box the game should be in. I don't play on facebook because it's so slow on there and the constant crashing, and I've tried playing on Chrome, and Firefox, but have had the same problem, crashing and extremely slow. I haven't played in a while (10+ months) and was a VIP, and stayed VIP, but when I quit playing it was because I was working 90 hour weeks, and I'm a mom, so I just didn't have time. But to come back to this crap, I'm not paying for this. I don't like to play on the tablet and phone because the gameplay is completely different. If you're not going to fix this issue, let us know and we'll go somewhere else instead of wasting time coming back periodically to see if you've fixed this issue. You're just wasting our time. When I came back, it took me over an hour just to collect my crops and feed my animals, and I'm not on a very high level, so it never takes that long, and I ended up having to quit and not finishing because the lag was so ridiculously slow. Get it together, or tell us something.
Toggle Commented Aug 30, 2017 on Browser Support - Chrome at FarmVille 2
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Aug 30, 2017