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I've read that one thing the last two mass shooters had in common was their concerns about the environment. I regret I don't have the original link though if you can stand the lefty group think I found an article here that at least supports that from the shooter manifestos ( ) I suspect the hysteria is to keep the populace malleable. Many years ago I read that was started by the tobacco companies to spread uncertainty about Science itself. Fear prevents rational thought and argument at least until one becomes numb. It also sells eyeballs so whether you consider it a planned conspiracy or unplanned exploitation by the 4th estate it doesn't really matter. The effectiveness is outlined nicely by Colonel Lang. I would also add the preparation for entering WWII, though no Germans were interred to my knowledge, there were graphic pictures, seeds of distrust, and even Bugs Bunny fought the German menace on the big screen. It should also be noted that while the Japanese on the West Coast were subject to internment and seizure (their property sold to mafia on the cheap), the ones in Hawaii weren't so afflicted. Even if you believed the Congress, and the "fears of the people", why didn't they apply that to Hawaii, home of a Naval base of some import.. It seems that in order to convince people of some "good" causes and others of some financial interests we have undermined science and reason and must suffer that fate of having a population driven by fear (job, financial, social) and stress. Luckily, my millennial family members have their cell phones to retreat into (only said half in jest). I'm not sure how, given the information they are overloaded with every day, and the training from school, video games, and our corporate media we could expect them not to be delusional about any number of subjects. Climate is perfect in that regard because it is so complicated and interdependent that it is impossible to prove or disprove.
Lary, Thank you for your excellent reporting on this. There is one aspect that I am concerned people are not paying attention to and that is what if they had been successful in their sabotage? What if a minor functionary had taken money or favors on Trumps behalf for what to them seems like a normal business deal, what would then have happened to Trump? The common concern seems to be that blackmail was the end goal but I'm not so sure. Was the purpose to charge Trump and parts of his organization with Treason? We see how far the cabal have gone without any actual evidence by prosecuting his associates mercilessly. If all the plotters really expected Hillary to win and they still went through all this trouble doesn't it seem someone with an epic level Grudge against Trump planned to destroy him, not just in the political realm but in the financial, social, and criminal as well. I'm afraid if Barr doesn't root that out, the POTUS will be in danger after leaving office. The fate of our Republic depends on it as well.
Trump seems to be concerned about a recession in 2020 which he thinks the Fed would be fine with if it gets him out of the White House. I suspect he is right. The fundamental problem Trump has is that the numbers have been gamed for 40 years or more to make the economy look better than it is. He's going to be forced to explain that to voters after crowing about his economic success to deploreables who know better. If he can convince the Fed to goose markets (as a proxy for the hope of deplorable) he doesn't have to do that so much. He knows they have done it for Presidents well before him who in his eye's at least have done less for the economic well being of the country. He may well be right that Powell is the greater enemy. Powell, and Wall Street, have been fine outsourcing manufacturing to China which has crippled our industrial capacity. Xi is an obvious opponent, but there's no confusion where his loyalties lie, they lay with China. In the US, the worst enemies pretend to be friends. Is Hillary or Xi the bigger enemy? The Fed most certainly plays politics though its mostly consumed with wealth transfer. It's hard not to notice the graft and bailouts where free markets are cyclically reverted to neither free or markets. Perhaps the issue with Government as a "cost center" is one of framing. It's true in one sense, but what kind of price can you put on drinkable water or edible food? Much less Freedom. It would be much simpler to tally the amount of commerce on our interstates or waterways. I think Trumps biggest mistake as a businessman was probably assuming that if he looked to various financial interests of the people and interest groups that would win him their adoration. Instead, the near treasonous betrayal by parts of the establishment never even slowed down. If Barr doesn't indict some people over it, besides the blow to the Constitution and our Republic, Trump may find himself in jeopardy after he leaves office when the now hidden apparatchiks regain the reins of power again. He was basically set up for Treason charges. Conspiring with the Enemy to take control of the Country, capitol 'T' Treason if I'm not mistaken Sir. It's not a High Crime or Misdemeanor (forget impeachment), it's the most heinous of crimes and delineated as such by the Founders. If he hadn't won the election where would he be now? Maybe just blackmailed by the 3 letter agencies.., but maybe bankrupt with his family under the boots of Comey and friends and looking at a noose for a retirement package. So that I guess was the long way of saying what you see from Trump now might be desperation. There are big stakes on what happens in 2020 and the Fed has a lot of leverage on it. Those who don't read your site could well see their economic well being as the sole basis for their 2020 vote.
Per capita it is much more than Mexican immigrants though (like 2 or 3 x in places). Ron Unz has a series on crime with racial statistics with pretty clear trends. That would suggest that economics is not the only factor. I think you have a good point about economic well being but that doesn't mean it rules out other factors. Growing up in the country I found that family ties and values (another factor you can't control) were more important than anything except money. Though when you through money into the mix your really talking about different kinds of crime. It might not be virtue signaling after all stereotypes are stereotype because they work, except when they don't.
If we repeated our response to "Islamic terrorism", we'd need to invade Canada.. I'm not sure repeating misadventures in the ME would help the situation here. Nor will giving up any of our Constitutional Rights. The 35 people who died at Kyoto Animation weren't helped by Japan's tight gun laws. The politicization of all things and all issues is what is destroying the country. People with good jobs and good lives, people with close family and friends and stable environments don't go on mass murdering spree's. It's become much harder for families to stay in the same area and stay close, and people of all types feel their identities threatened. Bringing in cheap labor has been capitols go to tool since at least the 1800's. It's always resulted in strife. Arbitrage is designed to divide. On the scale of a single company it might not be so bad, but we've been applying it countrywide for at least 40 years and we've been at war for about as long. All stuff you mention are just symptoms. Hate might be unhelpful, or might be justified. It can't be controlled. You can't make someone not hate unless you kill them and then you get it back 10 fold. If we are going to radically change our demographics we need to make sure there is prosperity to be shared and not just misery. It was stupid to change our immigration laws just to make wall street happy. If we don't admit that, and turn back their excesses we're going to find out that these "masters of the universe" types don't care for country or kin. They haven't just done damage to the middle class, they've done severe damage to the country. The Founders thought being a Citizen meant something. Today's government see people as voters at best and consumers in general.
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Aug 31, 2017