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Mathew Kearns
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(Actress Kelly Marie Tran as Rose) Star Wars is a cultural landmark of film, known by billions of people across the world. However being so well known world wide does not always mean it is popular everywhere; China is one of these places. Despite Star Wars being big with the geek culture of China, general Chinese audiences find the cultural differences to be too much to get truly sucked into the films. Star Wars The Force Awakens preformed fairly well in China according to Box Office Mojo it made around $124 million, but did not have the staying power of... Continue reading
Posted Dec 8, 2017 at Global Media News
(Hollywood Sign enveloped by the Chinese Flag) Chinese audiences are craving more then Hollywood is offering them; although at one time the Chinese film market meant more to Hollywood then even the American market it seems this is changing faster then Hollywood would have wanted. Not say Hollywood was not preparing for this change as a 2016 article by the LA Times reported "Over the last six years, the top 25 films in China by revenue have usually included eight to 10 foreign films." This report was in response to the growing number of popular domestic films in China being... Continue reading
Posted Nov 16, 2017 at Global Media News
China is considered to be a power house when it comes to foreign films making huge amounts of money overseas, however not many people would say China's film industry could be considered a rival to Hollywood. One person who believes this is famous Chinese film director Zhang Yimou, director of such famous films as House of Flying Daggers. Zhang Yimou in a CNBC interview as saying China has a long road ahead to rival Hollywood, later in the same interview Yimou was quoted saying "Chinese audiences hotly follow U.S. actors and movies, but Americans "probably" don't care much about Chinese... Continue reading
Posted Nov 9, 2017 at Global Media News
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Sep 5, 2017