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Alicia Tigges
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Oct 15, 2017
I would also really like to see a version of the drawing activity done by the coal miners or people in coal communities. I feel like every article or featured broadcast I have ever seen on this issue is steeped in bias, either from a candidate trying to make their point, a media outlet trying to make their story, or a researcher trying to prove their own theories. I think the coal industry, as with many environmental problems can have the tendency to, as the article put it, “drift(ed) into broader debates about climate change and further.” Maybe this is a bit too much “Functionalist” thinking of me but I can’t help it. In your last paragraph you alluded to what the authors were getting at about being “embedded” and how that makes making changes difficult. Good catch and reference on your part. I think that this is a concept that can be addressed in all environmental systems. (originally emailed before the due date because of posting problems)
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Sep 8, 2017