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Bryan, While you bring up many good points, I think it must be a mix of top-down bottom-up, horizontal and diagonal changes. Geoff Mulgan says in nicely in System's Innovation "Many of the biggest changes, and the most important clusters of innovations, combine top–down, horizontal and bottom–up dynamics (as in the ‘fuzzy’ or ‘clumsy’ dynamics analysed by Michael Thompson and others to explain issues such as climate change).". Although this can be particularly challenging, I think we need to include a diverse set of ideas and innovations in our policies and practices to truly tackle these "wicked problems".
I i think the discussion between sustainability and resiliency is quite intriguing, and I am disappointed I missed Dave's talk. Sustainability to me seems like a more proactive and optimistic approach- that we can build or restructure ourselves out of the destruction we've already caused. Resiliency, on the other hand, seems to accept that we've already reached certain limits and now we must defend against the consequences. I too think it is important to learn from the crisis-battered regions to become more resilient, but again I feel that in this way we are "accepting our environmental doom", which, considering the current environmental situation, may actually be the most sustainable choice.
Laura, I agree with you about Meadow's book easier to understand than the Habit-Forming Guide to Becoming a Systems Thinker, and I think you bring up necessary thoughts and discussions about systems thinking in terms of our capstone partners. It is intriguing to analyze different layers of systems and the interconnections between them. The example you described between yourself and supervisor can be slightly expanded to those say within your department, your department to the city, and city to the state and so on and so on. In response to your discussion, I think its interesting to consider the many stake-holder groups involved in the open space. For example, the farmers who lease the land from the city and then those who they sell the product to- in this way, perhaps the city is leveraging its system of open space to also acquire funds. However, like Meadows describes, there are many levels to systems thinking and it is easy to get lost so I digress.
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Sep 8, 2017