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Hello, ive noticed this thing couple days ago withing second life. The creator of the avatar is not just overly rude with all this they also using stolen content from Daz Studio 3D. Since the overall body/facial structure they using on their avatar was overly familiar i had to check at the demo especially about what kind of textures they using and ive found these in my cache after checking at the body demo: These are the Daz3D Genesis mesh body UV maps/textures. Daz3D does not allow use/resell their content without a license which im sure not in the creators hand since its rather expensive just only to do this body shaming... Everyone who reading this i would suggest to report the creator at Daz3D here so they can file a DMCA at Linden Lab and pull out the creator's content from SL as how it is.
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Oct 4, 2017