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jim nj
new jersey
Interests: many
Recent Activity Iran's embattled regime hit by protests over water shortage, Khamenei admits 'not a minor issue' Iran has faced an economic downturn and is installing a hardline president
Toggle Commented 9 hours ago on Montana Without Fly-Fishing? at JustOneMinute Iran’s Khuzestan protests: Water was the trigger, anti-Arab discrimination is the reason
Toggle Commented 10 hours ago on Montana Without Fly-Fishing? at JustOneMinute Intel: US to announce agreement to pull 'combat troops' from Iraq Security will be at top of agenda for US-Iraq Strategic Dialogue today, and when US President Joe Biden hosts Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi on July 26. kabuki
Toggle Commented 10 hours ago on Montana Without Fly-Fishing? at JustOneMinute China Risks Being Pulled into Afghanistan’s Civil War It would seem to be their turn now.
Interesting program on PBS "Nature" this week. A re-run, I think, on "keystone" predators. "...five unsung heroes of modern ecology...share the stories of their adventures, and how their pioneering work flipped our view of nature on its head. Across the globe, they discovered that among the millions of species on our planet, some are far more important than others. They called these species “keystones” because they hold communities of plants and animals together, just like a keystone holds a stone arch in place. When keystones are removed, ecosystems unravel and collapse—a phenomenon no one had imagined or understood until their revolutionary discoveries. But with new knowledge also comes new hope, and these same visionaries reveal the remarkable resilience of nature—and how the rules they discovered can be used to restore the natural world, from American lakes to war-ravaged African parks." Interesting premise - does an ecosystem thrive from the bottom up or from the top down. Their thesis, from observation, is that if the top, or "keystone," predator is removed from an ecosystem the lesser species run amok and turn the ecosystem into a more or less barren mono-culture. It made sense to me and made me think of our current political culture. It's not just that the "keystone" predator eats lesser species and thus keeps the ecosystem in balance. It also creates fear in the lesser species that causes them to flee or act more cautiously. They can't indulge their otherwise ravenous assault on the underlying ecosystem and deplete it to the point that it loses its vitality. It caused me to think of Trump as a "keystone" predator. Now in the PBS show the lesser species didn't gang up on the top predator, but I think we can see that with a Trump or a Reagan that the lesser species do operate at a higher level of fear and are less likely to despoil the political environment. Remove that "keystone" politician and the feeding frenzy ensues that eats up all the ecosystem supporting everything else until we get a mono-culture where nothing else grows. Also interesting is there may be more than one "keystone" predator in an ecosystem and the insight that to restore balance in a mono-culture one can re-introduce the "keystone" to put things back into balance. The mid-terms in that respect seem like a chance to re-introduce some of the lesser "keystone" predators into the environment to slow the despoliation while we await the re-introduction of the main "keystone" predator to restore the ecosystem. If the analogy holds the "keystone" predator didn't eat enough of the lesser species the last time around or create enough fear among them. Perhaps our lesser political species are smarter than the lower life forms. Maybe they even think they are "keystone" predators themselves the way they are going after the J6 protestors. Toss in a bunch of feckless RINO's to eat or scare and the analogy still works, for a very short while. But if the mid-terms return even a lesser species of "keystones" and 2024 returns thee "keystone" we may restore the ecosystem to the point that the lesser species never despoil the environment again.
I hate seagulls. very short video clip. "It seems obvious what is going on here. The Majority Leader and the Speaker are using their “bully pulpits” to position their parties for mid-terms more than a year away – mid-terms that traditionally run against the party in the White House. The host keeps pointing out that polling stinks, which it does, but internals have always been much better than the public stuff so they don’t stink as badly as what we know about. That said, those internals must look awful for this level of maneuvering." "Later this year, the 76 remaining B-52 Stratofortresses will start to get new engines that just might keep the venerable bomber flying through its 100th birthday." but "While the replacement engine hasn’t been selected or announced yet, Tobey said just the prospect of a new engine is encouraging. Work on the engines is often the most time-consuming aspect of maintenance." Dramatic footage shows the moment an aluminium plant exploded in China's central Henan province, after a record breaking rain storm. According to the local government, the aluminium alloy unit of Dengfeng Power Group Co Ltd exploded as flooding water entered the plant. ‘Pingdemic’: why supermarket supplies are coming under pressure Retailers say shortages caused by self-isolating staff but lack of lorry drivers may be to blame ‘Pingdemic’ effect: how different sectors in England have been hit Businesses, transports and councils are dealing with staff shortages due to NHS app-enforced Covid isolations Weird. They lift Covid restrictions in the UK and their NHS app goes bonkers telling people to isolate. underlying interview: There are so many dislocations in the market I think this is possible. I don't mean that food prices alone will rise that much, but other expenses may factor in. Fuel, freight, wages, shoplifting, etc. Kind of interesting. I haven't been in upstate NY in a while, but even back then there were a lot of properties that were no longer viable, particularly in the the area of the Catskills. Like I said the Xidem admin has lost control of the message. They're scaring the wrong people. Like Congress. "...when unvaccinated skeptics are asked to select “all” the reasons they don’t trust the COVID vaccines — as opposed to just the “most important” — many select all of them. Seventy percent say they’re concerned about long-term side effects; 60 percent say the vaccines are too new; 55 percent say they don’t trust the government; 50 percent say they’re concerned about short-term side effects; 45 percent say the FDA hasn’t fully approved the vaccines yet; 45 percent say they don’t trust drug companies; and 26 percent say they don’t trust any vaccines. Hesitancy, in other words, could turn into a game of whack-a-mole: address one concern and another just pops up to replace it." Considering the above "hesitancy" seems a misnomer.
Love the headline The Capitol petri dish or this one 'It's a nightmare': Covid Delta variant rocks a recovering Capitol complex The variant's arrival on the Hill has shaken its slow return to normalcy. The Walls Are Closing In -- on Biden! New ones, not recycled ones. Everything is looking up': New Jersey balloon festival returns July 23-25 "The 38th annual New Jersey Lottery Festival of Ballooning returns Friday to Sunday with its iconic mass ascension of about 100 hot air balloons and 39 hours of family-friendly entertainment at Solberg Airport in Readington. There will be concerts from Max Weinberg's Jukebox, Styx and Barenaked Ladies, fireworks, a nighttime balloon glow, children’s amusement rides, aerial performances, a 5K race (started with a human cannonball) and about 200 craft and food vendors. With about 165,000 people expected to attend, it will be one of the largest outdoor events to take place in the region since the pandemic began." The New Jersey Lottery is a new sponsor. I'm sure there is a joke in there somewhere. New Jersey Officials Concerned Over Uptick In COVID-19 Cases Among Unvaccinated, Announce More Than 3,000 Breakthrough Cases “We do not have a pandemic among the vaccinated, we only have a pandemic among the unvaccinated,” Murphy said. As a message I think this sucks. The pandemic was always among the unvaccinated. Nothings changed in that regard. And yet we have these "breakthrough" cases. So apparently, the vaccinated are still spreaders in some cases. The vaccinated firewall doesn't seem to be very strong. Ben & Jerry's to stop sales in West Bank, east Jerusalem I'd boycott them if I wasn't already doing so.
another example Los Angeles County mask mandate creates distrust among frail restaurant industry: 'No clarity whatsoever' Blue city administrations are freaking out more than anyone else.