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jim nj
new jersey
Interests: many
Recent Activity SF grocery store shut down due to rat infestation created by the birdseed lady
That's very interesting Clarice.
ISW is following the Iran protests Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei remains absent and did not make a public appearance or statement on September 29. Anti-regime protests likely occurred in at least six Iranian cities on September 29, but demonstrations appear to have subsided overall for now. Anti-regime protests may increase inside and outside of Iran on October 1. The IRGC conducted an artillery attack into Iraqi Kurdistan on September 29, marking the sixth consecutive day of such attacks. And Baghdad is busy too. Four rockets landed around Iraqi government buildings, a day after an attempted storming of Iraq’s parliament.
Oh my Dearie Judge bails Trump out of special master plan that would have forced uncomfortable submissions in court Cannon shoots down special master specifics. DART asteroid crash seen by James Webb, Hubble space telescopes (photos) "For the first time, Webb and Hubble have simultaneously captured imagery from the same target in the cosmos." Which is why it would be fun to keep the Hubble operating longer, imultaneous optical and infrared images. NASA and SpaceX are studying a Hubble telescope boost, adding 15 to 20 years of life That would be cool if they can figure it out. Google adds new search features to try to give users the ‘vibe’ of a city or neighborhood "Google now says it has enough local data to predict a neighborhood’s “vibes” in search results." Hmm, will that include crime statistics? Princeton University Is the World’s First Perpetual Motion Machine If you had a car that could run forever, would you still stop for gas? Lebanese banks decide to stay shuttered, over security fears Lebanon’s banks will remain closed indefinitely after rejecting a proposed government security plan, a senior official with the country’s commercial banks association said on Thursday, amid a wave of protests and heists targeting its failing financial system. The Lebanese depositors have got a Frank and Jesse James type adulation going for the perpetrators.
Toggle Commented Sep 24, 2022 on Good Meeting, Vlad at JustOneMinute Russia trades Azov fighters for Putin ally in biggest prisoner swap of Ukraine war Moscow releases 215 prisoners in exchange for former Ukrainian MP Viktor Medvedchuk and others Russian milbloggers ain't liking this
Toggle Commented Sep 23, 2022 on Good Meeting, Vlad at JustOneMinute
wild video Caught on video: Moped hits NYPD cruiser, bursts into flames in Queens Video shows the moment a suspect fleeing on a moped crashes into the side of a police cruiser in Queens, causing it to burst into flames. CBS2's Thalia Perez has more on what happened in the moments before the fiery crash.
Toggle Commented Sep 17, 2022 on Timing Being Everything... at JustOneMinute 1,300 New York Times Staffers Refuse Order to Return to Office "More than a thousand New York Times employees are refusing a company order to return to the office at least three days a week, citing inflationary pressures." That's an interesting dynamic - they're, presumably, all Guild members, so they can't be threatened individually. These people are looking for raises while Gannett employees are getting canned.
Toggle Commented Sep 14, 2022 on Timing Being Everything... at JustOneMinute Jomini of the West makes an appearance after an absence. If you click on his map it opens up in a new tab and you can click on it again to embiggen it. He's going on vacation this week so he won't update his maps again until the 19th. I'm surprised by his map of Kharkiv. He places forces of Ukraine as far north as the border with Russia and seems to indicate that the Russian forces north of the city of Kharkiv, who were almost a separate front, have also bugged out.
Toggle Commented Sep 12, 2022 on Winter Is Coming at JustOneMinute King Charles doesn't have to pay inheritance tax on the Queen's private estate worth more than $750 million I'm on a genealogy mailing list and a few people there claim relation to the royal family and they are going bonkers trying to figure out how to update their databases with the rapidly changing titles. Mot only do Charles and William swap titles, they also swap estates. "King Charles will not have to pay inheritance tax on the Duchy of Lancaster estate he inherited from the Queen due to a rule allowing assets to be passed from one sovereign to another. Charles automatically inherited the estate, the monarch's primary source of income, while his eldest son, Prince William, inherited the Duchy of Cornwall estate - valued at more than $1 billion - from his father."
Toggle Commented Sep 12, 2022 on Winter Is Coming at JustOneMinute
Matt, sounds interesting. Take notes please.
Toggle Commented Sep 11, 2022 on Winter Is Coming at JustOneMinute This map is already old. Some reports indicate that Ukraine has re-taken all or parts of both Kupyansk and Izium. The front that Ukraine is attacking on is 4-5 times larger than yesterday's map indicated. Update from Ukraine | Ruzzian Army Collapsed | Ukraine took key cities Glory to Ukraine! Denys Davydov who does these videos is usually reasonably accurate. He's hearing reports that Ukraine may have encircled some Russian forces in the Izium area.
Toggle Commented Sep 11, 2022 on Winter Is Coming at JustOneMinute Trump and Justice Department submit special master nominees to review Mar-a-Lago documents And the nominees are: The Justice Department nominated two retired federal judges -- Thomas Griffith and Barbara Jones -- to serve as special master. Trump's legal team nominated lawyer Paul Huck Jr. and Judge Raymond Dearie to serve as special master. May I have the envelope please - and the winner is...
Toggle Commented Sep 10, 2022 on Winter Is Coming at JustOneMinute
Weird story - the last few days NYC media has been reporting on arsenic found in the water of the Jacob Riis Houses on the lower eastside. Film at 5, 6 and 11 of panicked residents stocking up on NYCHA-supplied bottled water and complaining about how "poor' people always get f*cked over. The lab the city hired to do the testing inadvertently introduced the arsenic into the testing process. There never was arsenic in the water before the lab got a hold of it. Lab retracts results that showed arsenic in water at NYCHA complex "The laboratory that detected arsenic in the drinking water at an East Village public housing complex retracted its test results and “admitted to being the ones that introduced” the toxic compound in the samples, officials said. Environmental Monitoring and Technologies called the initial results that showed traces of the dangerous heavy metal at the Jacob Riis Houses “incorrect,” according to a Friday statement from City Hall press secretary Fabien Levy. But despite the retraction, city officials again warned the residents of the complex on Friday to continue to avoid drinking the water pending additional tests – extending the now-week-long shutoff." There's got to be a moral in this story somewhere, maybe more than one, but I thought I'd make it a contest.
Toggle Commented Sep 10, 2022 on Winter Is Coming at JustOneMinute The Economic War Cutting off Europe's gas supply is Putin's last throw of the dice A little long, but I think interesting.
Toggle Commented Sep 7, 2022 on Winter Is Coming at JustOneMinute
Somebody mentioned that Allahpundit was leaving HotAir so I was a little confused that he continued to post there. Apparently today is his last day. My Farewell to Hot Air Readers "I’m grateful to have a new job. I was set to hoof it over to Substack and start rattling my cup for subscriptions, hoping to make enough to cover rent. But after I posted the news on Twitter that I’d be leaving Hot Air, I got a call from Steve Hayes at the Dispatch. Would you be interested in writing for us, he asked? Uh, yes, I’d be interested. I’ve enjoyed the Dispatch since it launched and was reading Steve, Jonah Goldberg, and David French for years before that. You can count on one hand the number of successful right-of-center sites willing to hold populism to account for its excesses and the Dispatch is a very distinguished member of that distinguished group. Of course I’d be interested in writing for it." Somehow that seems less telling than expected. He'll be among kindred spirits by my thinking.
Toggle Commented Sep 3, 2022 on All Very Awkward at JustOneMinute Will I Ever See the $36 Million Oberlin College Owes Me? My family was falsely accused of racism by a powerful school in a small town. Our business was destroyed. We won our case. But the school is refusing to pay. Lorna Gibson
Toggle Commented Sep 2, 2022 on All Very Awkward at JustOneMinute California Senate passes bill aimed at giving fast food workers more protections The bill would create a new 10-member Fast Food Council with equal numbers of workers' delegates and employers' representatives, along with two state officials, empowered to set minimum standards for wages, hours and working conditions in California. A late amendment would cap any minimum wage increase for fast food workers at chains with more than 100 restaurants at $22 an hour next year, compared to the statewide minimum of $15.50 an hour, with cost of living increases thereafter. You know that just might work because the restaurants can drop their college tuition reimbursement benefit in favor of providing their workers with government loan applications.
Toggle Commented Aug 30, 2022 on All Very Awkward at JustOneMinute The Short Life (And Amazingly Fast Death) Of The FBI’s Mar-A-Lago Play
Toggle Commented Aug 30, 2022 on All Very Awkward at JustOneMinute The Democratic Momentum Mirage Despite all their balderdash and bluster, they’re headed for a midterm drubbing. It will be interesting to see if any network interrupts their programming to cover Biden's prime-time speech. What's the purpose of the speech that's so compelling?
Toggle Commented Aug 30, 2022 on All Very Awkward at JustOneMinute The Strangest Thing About ‘Semi-Fascist’ Trump Of the last three presidents, Trump was either the most indifferent or the most obstructed when it came to using government agencies for his own partisan political advantages or to neuter his enemies
Toggle Commented Aug 30, 2022 on All Very Awkward at JustOneMinute