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new jersey
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I need to back away from this now. nytol.
189 dead per the NYTimes NYT says the churches were Catholic and the hotels were favorites of foreigners. No surprise that Sri Lanka has squashed communications - tamp down rumors and guard against a follow-on attack.
MM, No attribution yet. Speculation that it is ISIS. Sri Lanka was torn by war for many years with the Tamil separatists, but the Tamils, to the best of my knowledge, never targeted churches.
MM, The death toll rises with every new report. It's absolutely horrific.
I should have gone to bed, but the Sri Lanka thing is really bugging me. Anyone who goes on Sunday TV to talk about Trump and ignores this is evil.
Anonamom, The press were already suckers for believing in collusion. I meant that the press got suckered into covering this over the holiest days for Christians and Jews. What they are doing is diametrically opposed to what both religions are celebrating. Redemption and deliverance.
Anonamom, I've been a skeptic of statins for years. It's nice to see the medical community swing my way. The most recent nail in the coffin for me was a report that 40-50% of the population should be using statins as a preventive measure. That's a statistic that just boggles this mind.
Excellent pieces Clarice. You're always good, but this is the best I've seen from you. Like you I want to know the predicate for why Gen. Flynn was already under surveillance. What could they have used to justify that? It smells big-time. I think that needs to be explored quickly.
Sri Lanka reports getting worse. "Sri Lanka blasts: At least 138 dead and more than 560 injured in multiple church and hotel explosions." My heart goes out to these people. It's just so wrong that somebody would launch an Easter Sunday terror attack. Absolutely no respect for the holiest day in Christianity. For we Christians it is a day to rejoice in the promise of our redemption in the risen Christ. For our Jewish friends the days long celebration of the Pesach deliverance continues. I'm trying to enjoy the day, but my thoughts are mostly evil.
Death toll rising in Sri Lanka. BBC reporting over 100 dead.
An old feel good story.
Breaking. "Easter Day bomb blasts at three Sri Lankan churches and three hotels killed more than 20 people and wounded nearly 300, a hospital official and police sources said." fr\Fom an earlier report, number of dead has increased since then. Time for more Notre Dame speculation?
via Insty,
Dave, I'd like to see Gen. Flynn leading the investigations into all the spy agencies.
I also think Barr was very deliberate in picking Thursday for his press conference and the release of the report. He could have delayed it to Monday in deference to the Christian and Jewish high holy days. But didn't, so while the Jews are celebrating deliverance and the Christians redemption, the politicians and the press (redundant) are taking the exact opposite tack. I think they got suckered into this. IMO the optics are atrocious. People are going to go on the Easter Sunday talk shows and...WHAT? Spin lies. Falsely accuse. Impugn people and their motives. Horrible optics to anyone who still values the Judea-Christian values and ethics.
Clarice, I wrote about Gen. Flynn last night. I still don't habe an idea of what the predicate was for having him under surveillance prior to the Kislyak phone conversation. If Mueller is done now can Flynn change his plea and claim coercion? Apparently throwing in with Gen. Haftar.
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Watching a late night biblical film. It's influencing my writing.
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Let the Democrats wander in the wilderness a little longer. Let them pray to false gods a little longer. The Tomahawks are already inbound.
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Yesterday I thought the coverage of the Mueller Report was all over the place. No central focus. I mentioned the bifurcation of the news stories. Drive-by coverage of the Barr news conference and then a shift to nit-picking the actual report. Because the media didn't have time to coordinate its' coverage. T thought that on Friday the Dems and the press (yes, I repeat myself) might better coordinate the coverage. Uh, uh. Too many voices focusing on different things. Democratic candidates, party leaders and committee chair-people all have different wants and needs. MSM personalities have too much invested in certain aspects of the investigation to admit they were wrong. They want to go after a dozen different directions at the same time. None of them likely to succeed and many of them likely to blow up in their faces. Impeachment, without cause other than Elizabeth Warren's desire? Bring Mueller before Congress, that's a double-edged sword. Like Republicans wouldn't have a field day slicing him across the face with lacrosse sticks? Romney giving the Dems cover? A-hat. So no coordinated attack. Fine. Divide and conquer. Beat back each absurdity. Watch the cable ratings crater. They are all on the back foot. They can punch, but not reach from the back foot. When the revelations come it will be like the Apocalypse. Who will the four horseman be? Trump, Barr, Horowitz and Huber?
Toggle Commented yesterday on Easter Weekend at JustOneMinute Some of them are really pricey.
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Another article advocating that the Air Force give the Navy the B-1 bombers. Coincidence or campaign?
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RE: Flynn OK, not why? In that sense. I meant what was the predicate for him being investigated in the first place.
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