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There was recently an article on Gizmodo about divining and the author was highly critical about the whole subject stating it was superstition and not based on any scientific principals. There were a number of comments from engineers and those working for various utilities on how they had people on staff who used these techniques, successfully. Replies to these comments were extremely hateful and, in my opinion, ignorant. Several people brought up Randi's "million dollar challenge" not realizing that Randi had put a "fix" in place so that no matter what, no one could ever win. I have witnessed myself employees with the local water company using L-rods to locate pipes successfully when their electronic devices previously failed to do so. I am very much a "science" type of guy and do not suffer fools gladly. However, unlike a lot of my peers, I do not believe that we have discovered everything this amazing universe has to offer and I try to keep an open mind on subjects that people have used effectively for centuries that currently do not appear to have any basis if science.
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Dec 2, 2017