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Wayne Hardy
Stillwater, OK
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Training basically always comes down to this: am I just hurting or am I truly done? Continue reading
Posted Apr 29, 2019 at MindFull of the Truth
It must have been a very sober event as the disciples went through the process of replacing Judas. He had walked beside them the whole time, providing what appeared to be a valuable ministry of tracking the funds. Maybe even harder to swallow was the fact that he walked with... Continue reading
Posted Jun 5, 2018 at MindFull of the Truth
You: "What's wrong?" Them: "Nothing." Some time later, you discover what your instincts told you. There was something wrong. If nothing had been wrong, there would have been no consequences or effects. Yet there were. Why did they lie? Here's one reason: if they admit something is wrong, then they... Continue reading
Posted Feb 9, 2018 at MindFull of the Truth
I go through times I don't understand. Do you? Sometimes it feels like a part of my life is one piece of a 5000-piece puzzle. I stare at it. I compare it to other pieces. I look at the big picture. Still, I cannot figure out where it fits. However,... Continue reading
Posted Feb 7, 2018 at MindFull of the Truth
Pragmatism in church life is such a powerful magnet. It can be used to turn goals into gods. Pragmatism makes the end the ultimate. Whatever it takes to reach the end is essentially justified. You can see this in Wall Street investors who will stop at nothing to produce a... Continue reading
Posted Feb 5, 2018 at MindFull of the Truth
I'm sure there's other books that use that approach, but C.S. Lewis in the Screwtape Letters and this one by Guinness seem to be in a class by themselves. It takes a while for some of it to soak in, but it is well worth the effort once it does. I would be interested to see the lesson series you are writing once you complete it.
[I am reading The Gravedigger File by O.S. Guinness (re-released as The Last Christian on Earth) to strengthen my writing of the "How to Keep a Small Church Small" series in the Baptist Times. This series reveals a highly secretive Facebook page in which a mid-level demon instructs interested church... Continue reading
Posted Feb 1, 2018 at MindFull of the Truth
This concept of product and process is essential in a culture given to instant gratification. Our smartphones provide instant communication through texting, an already-ready camera, immediate answers through Google, and access to the entire world through a browser. Television, as we know it, is becoming obsolete because viewers prefer streaming,... Continue reading
Posted Jan 29, 2018 at MindFull of the Truth
How you handle a bonus reveals an interesting mindset: not necessarily how you spend it, but what you think before you spend it, or if you think before you spend it. Here's why... When thou shalt besiege a city a long time, in making war against it to take it,... Continue reading
Posted Jan 23, 2018 at MindFull of the Truth
Critics or their critiques can bring out the reactionary and defensiveness in the best of us. My response usually reveals whether I want to grow or whether I want to defend. My desire for growth seems closer to a spirit of humility, in that I'm admitting a willingness to see... Continue reading
Posted Jan 22, 2018 at MindFull of the Truth
See this introductory post for an explanation of the authority structure. The authority structure is meant to develop a mindset. The benefit of a mindset is that it works more like Lasik eye correction than like a pair of glasses. You cannot turn it off. If an authority wants the... Continue reading
Posted Jan 19, 2018 at MindFull of the Truth
Authority may be on shaky ground these days, but it is vital to our growth. In fact, many people don't realize that the root word for authority is augere and means "to grow or to create." Real authority creates. An author takes a subject or story and brings it to... Continue reading
Posted Jan 18, 2018 at MindFull of the Truth
Jesus said in Matthew 17:21, "Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting." This was in response to the disciples' inability to cast the demon out of the lunatic boy. That indicates that God will choose to do some amazing things with prayer and fasting that cannot... Continue reading
Posted Jan 17, 2018 at MindFull of the Truth
The 483 Life is the difference between the seven that Peter presented to Jesus and the 490 that Jesus presented to Peter (Matt. 18:21-22.) It was more about Peter's true capacity than a specific number. To help Peter deal with the shock of such contrast, Jesus told him a story... Continue reading
Posted Jan 15, 2018 at MindFull of the Truth
My piano instructor at Oklahoma State University, Peter Amstutz, wasn't happy. He apparently had little patience for slow students. And I simply wasn't getting it. He closed the lid over the keys of the 9' Steinway concert grand and then told me to play the Chopin piece I was studying.... Continue reading
Posted Jan 12, 2018 at MindFull of the Truth
Peter discovered in talking to Jesus about forgiveness that Jesus had a whole different understanding of what Peter was capable of (Matt. 18:21–22). On the other side of Peter's seven was another world that Jesus wanted Peter to live in: 483 beyond what Peter thought reasonable or doable. Peter likely... Continue reading
Posted Jan 11, 2018 at MindFull of the Truth
Perfection's getting a bad rap. For quite a while now, our culture has been hammering away at the idea of striving for perfection. Phrases such as "If you're going to do something, do it right" and "Finish what you started" are being made scapegoats for our misery and are obviously... Continue reading
Posted Jan 10, 2018 at MindFull of the Truth
The man who founded Amazon has surpassed Bill Gates in net worth. Jeff Bezos is flying high with the explosion of e-commerce and his startup company which he originally wanted to call Cadabra. He eventually settled on the name of the largest river in the world as he began selling... Continue reading
Posted Jan 9, 2018 at MindFull of the Truth
Andrew, I appreciated your thoughts and am pretty sure others might think along the same lines, so I chose to respond to your points in a post. Wayne Hardy
I received this as one of many replies to the post concerning young pastors on the fence. He raises some fairly common concerns that deserve a response. "I appreciate the tone and spirit on this issue but to me this article seems really vague about which specific methods the author... Continue reading
Posted Jan 8, 2018 at MindFull of the Truth
Well said. There is a ditch on both sides of that road that is easy to fall into. Some churches expect a guest to understand that jargon and terminology immediately and an unbeliever has no chance to come to terms with what he is hearing. Their ditch is one of refusing to meet him where he is. They think it's compromise. However, some who are scared of falling into that ditch back into the opposite one. They meet him where he is, then never really push him to become much more. Sometimes they're taught that anything too hard to understand must be the church's fault or an impediment to a believer and should be removed. A church is a place for believers to grow, but many churches are eliminating the need to grow by dumbing down the requirements and standards.
David, You are clearly getting it. And you are right that the problem is not new methods. The problem becomes when pastors leave people thinking that new methods are superior to the biblical methods we were given. The declaration of the Word of God through preaching with timely application to the root trends has the power and capacity to transform any life. Timeless preaching with timely application is dynamite! The problem is not adding other things, but letting newer things be viewed as more powerful than biblical preaching (using your example).
WHAAAAAAT?! We should know the trends better than anyone else? What happened to timeless?! One of the reasons independent Baptists need to maintain their distinction is so they can be a fresh and authoritative voice for timeless truth in a trendy culture. We'll either lead or follow. A lot of... Continue reading
Posted Jan 6, 2018 at MindFull of the Truth
Dave McCracken reads blogs?! I'm assuming this was between the front nine and the back nine?! Thank you. I appreciate the confirmation. It means something coming from you.
Thank you, Kyle. I'm confident these same issues are at play in Chile :) I'm glad if they can be a help.