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I have been fascinated by this song since I first heard it, and like you the meaning was elusive but not at all now. This poem perfectly describes how I feel at this exact moment, and at other moments in my life. It is so cathartic to play and sing and listen to this song. Many people do not understand this aspect of music. I am a musician and there are certain songs that will just never go away. This has to be one of them. And, although I am very eclectic, I cannot say that about very many songs. And as I type I realize that what I just wrote is untrue lol. "Blue Sky" by the Allmann Brothers, "The Losing End" by Neil Young, anything on Fleetwood Mac "Rumors" album lol, almost anything Beatles, these songs will always be with me...I am a born again Christian so there are songs in the Contemporary Christian genre that will remain with me also...but these songs I grew up with...I have a song for every year of my life...and probably a song to describe most of my feelings. It was nice to see I am not alone. Thank you. As a guitar player, I must say "blue Sky" changed...everything...when I first heard it, it inspired me because I knew that someday I HAD to play the guitar parts. But when I was young, the words and music fit together perfectly, and sometimes I must catch myself and forget about it musically and just...listen. I did learn it BTW lol, several times. I will now say that there are too many songs to list that will always be with me, I must re-catagorize some songs as ...extremely special. "Helplessly Hoping" just jumped back into my life because..what else..a broken heart. Just the Words "Helplessly Hoping" rang true to my experience..and as I have listened over and over just lately, by many cover bands and the original artist, they ring true again. And it makes it.... not so bad. The beauty of music. Expression, healing, so many things...
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Dec 16, 2017