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This past March, 17 Democrat’s joined Republicans to weaken an already weak Dodd-Frank bill. Do these people remember what happened in 2008 and do they care if it happens again. Nope! Their money will be protected and ours will be subject to losses. Doesn’t sound like a party that is trying to build trust with voters on any level. After the 2016 election and the losses of 1000 legislative seats across the country in 8 years. The DNC did nothing to energize voters to their cause. Instead they doubled down refusing to acknowledge progressive voters. Purged Bernie people from the ranks. In essence they have abandoned the working class. Now that the fall elections are coming. What have the Democrats offered to voters? Nothing, oh sorry a pro pot bill…That should put food on the table and pay the bills. Other than Bernie; I do not believe one word that comes out of the mouths of the DNC and party insiders. Everything they say is just a ploy for votes but they will continue to back the rich and screw the rest of us.
I think that Russia has realized that if they sit back and just take what the Western media throws are them. They are digging a bigger hole for themselves. They challenged Britain over the Skripals allegations and everything Britain has claimed up to this point cannot be proven. Britain has now put two Russian citizens in quarantine so no one can talk to them and they are acting like the event never happened. Very odd for a country that is trying to prove claims of weapons grade chemicals used against the population.
Peter, I see the post on the Chimp bought up the shameless plug comment...Personally, I love it...I for one miss your writings. Our country should take a hard look at itself as it goes around the pointing fingers at everyone else. We stink but don't smell it....
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Ape Man, glad to see you here; I miss your comment's on the SC....Rover
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Feb 28, 2018
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