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Also, Zak Stevens of Savatage and Circle II Circle! "The Wake of Magellan", you can't go wrong with that one and its beautiful vocal harmonies (the influence of Queen on heavy metal cannot be overstated). Another interesting singer gotta be David Bower of Hell, although his theatrical antics sometimes harm the vocal performance, because it is kinda hard to sing with precision when you're on stilts impersonating a long-legged faun! But he is not always on stilts, fortunately. :)
8 years have passed and I still hope you do a follow up to this article! I'd love to know what you'd say about Bruce Dickinson in his middle ages - and live on stage! It's so rare to listen to a rock singer that actually gets much better with the passing of the decades. I would also like to know your opinion on a better song by King Diamond ('Abigail' or 'Uninvited Guest', for instance, which are songs you can clearly get that they tell a story, with multiple characters and perspectives - and also they are better produced and sound more clearly). I agree King Diamond is not the best singer ever, but I still like him. It's always fun to listen to him. I'm a huge fan of Halford in his early years. His singing and song writing features a declamation qualitily without losing the melody (King Diamond, which also does declamation a lot, usually cannot sing really melodically unless he goes into falsetto, which explains why he is always "shifting gears"). Because of such quality, whenever I listen to Rob, it is like he is addressing the words of the song directly to me. I wish he had taken better care of his voice when he was younger. Judas Priest, for a brief period of time, had a singer, Tim Owens, that was actually more technical than Halford, but he used most of his technique to sound like Halford (he was chosen because of his work in a Judas Priest cover band, just like Arnel Pineda's cover work led him to Journey). He's voice was lower than Halford's, probably a baritone, I guess. If you ever do another review like this, consider reviewing Geoff Tate (Queensrÿche). Chances are you already listened to at least one of his songs, Silent Lucidity, which was a hit beyond rock charts. I've always read he is a baritone, although I could never attest that since he is most of the time soaring high, but when he goes deep down, it's even more impressive. (And since I'm a case of the inverse myself, being mislabeled a baritone in the beginning, I'm never confident to say what other singers are.) Cheers! Cris Oliveira
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Feb 10, 2018