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Awesome what a great idea to counter the embarrassing ridiculousness of Sadiq Khan, I will be donating. Is Khan using taxpayer money to pay for this embarrassing stunt? If so great it just adds more credence to his removal for waste of public money and I hope he doesnt approve his blimp to demonstrate who the true bigot and fascist is, its not Trump.
I think its important to support US citizens and Trump. I believe if he is able to defy the establishment and maintain power in the US he will drain the swamp. If he drains the swamp in the US we have a chance here to drain our swamp because I believe its actually a global swamp and our corrupt politicians will go down with the sinking ship. If Trump is removed by the establishment I believe we are toast it will be regressive and back to the establishment agenda of global governance out of Brussels and all our dirty politicians will be safe because they played along and followed instructions.
No surprise here and as expected from the ABC. All this taxpayer money wasted on an investigation that has taken place in the US under this Meuller probe and they have found nothing. Clearly the globalist establishment is in control of our media and our politicians and are directing them to assist with the removal of a democratically elected President of the United States because he was not chosen by the establishment. How dare the American people choose who they want and how awful it must be to have a President wanting to Make America Great Again and have an America First Agenda. In the light of recent terrifying events in the UK re the attack on free speech and Sonya Kruger being vilified for having an opinion and daring to voice it I have decided to vote for Pauline Hanson. I believe at the very least she wants to put the interests of Australia first.
I love Trump's openness and disregard for political correctness. A straight talker who speaks directly to the people. We in Australia need to support Trump because the swamp that we live in is global and only if Trump succeeds in draining the US swamp will we have a chance at draining the Australian swamp. If the establishment take down Trump like they are trying to do now we dont have a chance of draining the swamp here. That's why there is so much propaganda being spewed about Trump because there are so many global swamp creatures that Hillary can no longer protect. Trump I believe is way more popular than we think, his supporters for very good reasons are hiding their support until they know its safe to come out and openly declare they like him. See what happened to Shania Twain because she said she would vote for him, she ended up apologising - crazy you cant declare your political preference with the insane left fascists watching and being whipped up by our politically biased ABC. The ABC is a disgrace its now just a political weapon and that's not what it was ever meant to be.
Aaaah no not heartbreaking OUTRAGEOUS - I didnt vote for this? Would anyone? I would be happy to pay for disadvantaged Australian kids to go to Uni but not from any other country.
Oh I am actually glad they published this because I believe there are a lot of people who are too terrified to admit they like Trump because the left are so hostile, dangerous and abusive whipped up by the biased inaccurate and dangerous media also terrifying everyone therefore many people are afraid to say they support Trump. Who can blame them the left extremists are dangerous. This article just demonstrates the true fascists out there are on the left. I love Shania Twain but she should retract that apology and demonstrate that she has a right to freedom of thought, expression and speech. Problem is I guess that the whole entertainment industry is so incestuous that she cant speak freely. Massive social problem this censorship of free speech, its creating many more problems than it is solving and it always fails anyway because people just keep their thoughts to themselves and act accordingly - hence that is why Trump is in the White House and it was such a shock to the establishment.
Yes I want Dutton to replace Turnbull. We need a strong leader and Turnbull is too weak.
Agree entirely assault is assault and no matter who is the subject of the assault the punishment should remain the same. Politicians already have too many privileges that they abuse. I have heard of hospital workers, ambulance officers being assaulted but am not aware of any jail terms resulting from these. No wonder people are loathing politicians these days. This guy was a dope for doing this and the penalty for crimes committed against ALL people should remain the same. Politician has actually become a dirty word these days so to see them claim judicial privilege is sickening. I am outraged.
Oh great they have just made that a legitimate defence "it was hard for them to know they were ineligible" and we should all use it. The law has become a sham and there is clearly a two tier justice system but thats not news either. I hope Trump is genuine re draining the swamp in the US because if he does its going to snowball gloablly and we will get a chance at dealing with our corrupt lot. I notice Julie Bishop was not keen to see Trump elected and warned against voting for him - that speaks volumes to me. The Clintons have been globe trotting and teaching their fraud skills to lots of pollies apparently so if Trump can convict the Clintons then we may get a chance to see some of ours live by the same set of rules and justice that applies to the public. They blatantly lie and coverup because they know they have the necessary administrations and judiciary under control. Much like the UK monarchy, they live above the law and no court can touch them. Nothing much has changed over the past centuries really.
Yes ultimately this is about freedom of thought and expression and its a very slippery slope to go down. I find some commentary and opinions offensive too but would never insist on them being censored unless they actually condoned some criminal act. Our dislike, mistrust or disbelief and condemnation of another religion or opinion is definitely a line crossed. The problem is WHO decides what is offensive. In this case it is the Islamic religion that makes the call re Lauren so if anyone is OK with that then they are mentally dysfunctional and cannot see the dangerous precedent this sets. I am actually terrified of being outnumbered by the Islamic religion and Lauren's experiment proved my fear is legitimate, they can and do have you banned from a country for having an opinion that is different from theirs - that is so terrifying and outrageous. Lauren and the Muslim complainants should have been left to argue their opinions verbally and only if the situation became physically violent should the police be called and if that happened the only charge by the police should be for physical violence and against whomever threw the first punch or caused physical harm should be arrested thats it other than that police should not have entered this and the State should not allow it. I fear the same may have happened to Blair Cottrell I dont think we have freedom of speech or expression here in Australia either but will look into that.
Yes when I first heard this I thought there was a mistake and she had mistakenly landed herself in North Korea, not the UK and I note that the police officer stated that 3 or 4 people found it offensive and this resulted in her being BANNED from entering the UK. I am utterly speechless that this is the UK today. I fear its beyond salvation and they have allowed so much Islamic immigration that the country is now dictated to by the Islamic population who are now exerting their power and political agenda. Politics is just like most things just a numbers game and when you are outnumbered you are outvoted which is why its so important to control immigration. If they dont accept or want to live by the laws and customs of the country they immigrate to they should not be allowed to stay. The old saying "when in Rome do as the Romans do" still applies.
Yes well funny that isnt it but as I have observed by watching closely and checking the ABC daily re their reporting during the US elections, Trump was right with his "fake news" statement. There is no way that corrupt politicians can hide their misdeeds without a corrupt media distoring or disregarding facts, which is sadly what they do. I do not trust any mainstream media commentary in relation to politics and nor should anyone else. Alternative media is where you can find the truth which is why the ABC has now banned "comments" so that their editorials cannot be challenged, questioned or corrected. Comments on politicial editorials is the only way that you can hear the other side of the story or the complete set of facts. If you encounter any political commentary and it does not allow "comments" disregard it. Reading comments from many different sites will give you a much broader and informative position on which to make a well informed decision.
Well I have absolutely no faith in Bishop's representative's statement that DFAT "takes a considered, balanced approach" to deciding such matters. Given their history with The Clinton Foundation (there are no doubt many more that have been covered up) its not comforting to hear those hollow words parrotted out. I applaud Hanson for her questioning and even though Pauline is not the most polished speaker or politician I have decided that I do not want the polished politicians representing me any more. They polish their presentations to hide their incompetence and fraud and I will be voting for Hanson and supporting her party now. What I see in Hanson is the same as in Trump both of them have the best interests of their respective countries at heart and even if they make mistakes I dont care its way better than the leeches that we have in power right now hiding, deceiving and defrauding us and then covering it up illegally and getting away with it because they can - ie. abuse of power again and again and again. The world is fed up with corrupt criminals in public office. I applaud Hanson and am grateful for her presence.
Yes so true there is money in sports betting now so the old match fixing probably has infected the game. Malcolm is shocked at such dirty tactics is also laughable of course. ABC is following Malcolm's lead of course with their damning editorials re the Cricket and ignoring the corruption in Canberra and the Clinton Foundation of course. Investigations, investigations, investigations thats all we hear and I would hate to know how much money we waste on these phony investigations. Until I see politicians in jail I will retain my contempt for politicians, judiciary, administrations and our publicly funded politically biased ABC. I hope Trump succeeds in the US so that we can start the clean up here as well, otherwise if the Clinton criminal cartel and their cronies regain their power we are seriously done for and thanks to the ABC not many people know about it, which is of course the way they want it. When you have criminals at the top of the triangle its flow on effect is inevitable and uncontrollable. The head of the snake needs to be chopped off, its the only way we will ever have a chance at a just, moral, ethical justice system.
Politicians just dont get it do they. We are done with rorts, rip offs, sell outs and cover ups by our elected officials who are meant to have the electorate's best interests at heart and not waste our money. There is a level of outrage that is way beyond the level of outrage we feel towards criminals when the crimes are committed in public office, because we know that they can and do use State powers to cover up their crimes and when the State is complicit in covering up its a dangerous new level of criminality. Then they have the audacity to say it was done in good faith well I wonder how I would go in a court of law if I misappropriated funds and claimed that I did it in good faith. No more excuses clean up or clear out! Since the exposure of the Clinton Foundation and the millions of dollars that we have had stolen from us and the revelation that the Clintons had been running around the world teaching their tricks to other crooked politicians its especially enraging right now even the most minor misdeed. I will never vote for either of the two major parties in Australia again, they have been around too long and are too rotten and beyond salvation. We need to drain our swamp as well.
Agree and my dream come true but if Trump succeeds which I expect he will this is more than Marking America Great Again its Making The World Greater. The Clinton criminal cartel have terrorized the world for way too long.
So fortunate that the US citizens got Trump into that White House for without that happening we wouldnt even be commenting on this, the cover up and criminality would continue. I think Trump is truly in this for all the right reasons and is actually outsmarting the criminals subversively and is the perfect man for the job of draining the global swamp. I note that Gillard and Bishop were very supportive of Clinton which speaks volumes doesnt it. I am a woman by the way and these three women are a disgrace to this so called feminist movement, they are frauds and play this gender card only to their personal advantage they could not give a damn about empowering women who really need help ie. like some of the arabic and african nations where gender inequality really exists. I dont see it here in Australia, I think its just used and abused like so many other words like racist and mysogynist. The overuse and abuse of these words has actually diminished the causes themselves, if they really existed in the first place or where actually just created by dirty politicians trying to divert attention away from their misdeeds and look like they care. I would never vote for any major political party ever again they have all been around too long and are so infested with rats that they cant be salvaged.
Yes and Thank God for Donald Trump being elected to the White House. Its clearly evident the reason they needed the old lady puppet in there isnt it. But she is not there - hallelujah but we need to support Trump otherwise we wont have a chance in Australia of draining our swamp.
Yes keep talking Hillary you are doing a great job for Trump.
Thanks for continuing the fight against the Clinton Foundation. Watching and supporting you and spreading the word via all possible avenues. Our politicians especially the weak ones of course would have been terrified of the Clintons I should imagine and with good reason. Now is the time to offer immunity from prosecution to get some people squealing to cut the head off the snake whilst Trump is in the White House to try and drain this global swamp. The Clintons have terrorised the world for way too long and have lived a life of luxury above the law whilst doing so. Downer is a marshmallow really and the Clintons love marshmallows.
And once again the ABC is nowhere to be heard. I notice the more heat that is being generated towards Gillard and The Clinton Foundation, the more they increase their Trump bashing. The brotherhood would have way more support than they think if the public knew about it but the good old ABC are making sure they dont. I shall continue to complain and thanks to you four. Crime is so much worse when its committed by politicians in public office and protected by the state - isnt that how a tyrannical regime works?
Yes well there is a reason why Juliar and Killary are good mates but now that Trump has been elected and is after Killary then Juliar needs to be nervous because she will lose her best buddy and corruption coach.
Yes well re the media coverage. I have sent a letter of complaint to the ABC and asked them to explain why they are perpetually Trump bashing over insignificant issues whilst ignoring the AWU Scandal and the Clinton Foundation Scandal, that are of significant relevance and importance to the Australian public. I suggest you all do the same you can simply do it via email on their on-line new site, simply select the "more" category and then "contact us" and then you will see an option there to lodge a complaint.
Yes troubling that label "shock-jock". I think that is the one they use when they want to desperately suppress the truth being exposed to the public masses because its the only way they can maintain their corruption, collusion and racketeering. People are smarter now and can easily investigate for themselves so their days are numbered. Good luck with the Australian and notice the ABC dont even allow comments (which I have complained about many times). I find this unacceptable from a PUBLICLY funded media organisation who are meant to report matters of importance to the Australian public and clearly this Clinton Foundation and AWU Scandal involving our politicians is of paramount importance to the Australian public.
I hope she sells many tickets and then causes another scandal when she is a no show because she is in jail. I am sure she will have a no refund clause stitched up in there so that the Clinton Foundation can keep the proceeds for Bill and Chelsea and the gang and the people who brought her here by buying tickets are burnt by this cruel fraudulent monster.