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Aaron Schwarz
Intelligence can solve all problems, there is always a better way forward!
Interests: Electromotive Technology, Clean Technology, Sustainability, Gardening, Organic Food, Water, Renewable Energy, Energy Conservation, Pollution Mitigation, Ethics, Morality, Law, Government, Energy, Time
Recent Activity
Many new electric motor technologies will be utilized including AC induction motors with no magnets. Electromotive force flux density already greatly enhanced with drone motor development, brushless power tools, dyson vacuums, electric dental tools and high performance hobby motors. Motor controller advances will improve net system efficiency by coupling battery output to motor power more effectively across a broad range of RPM's. Using multiple motors & cleaver mechanical connection linking, no transmission is needed as the variable speed motor generators can form unique configurations for power out to move the wheels and energy recovery to keep the battery charged. Machine learning at the automotive design staged means better CFD or computational fluid dynamics, enabling better engines, better transmissions, better system, thermal control & heat & cooling management, system reliability, architecture optimization & design refinement to superhuman levels of excellence with novel machine suggested designs that build on the human input data examples with innovative suggestions beyond human cognitive processing reach, using very powerful networked neuroprocessing ASIC computing platforms and more to achieve the technological singularity.
Electromobility technology explosion already saturating pre-production designs at all the major & many minor automakers. Electric vehicles of all kinds are being developed. Electrification of vehicle platforms with energy storage capacity also allows from powerful information processing architectures onboard, enabling human level + autonomous self-driving technology to develop within a power platform that can support that level of machine learning computation, sensor fusion and high speed IO control & sensing with deep learning & synthetic cognition. Flying autonomous multi-rotor electric passenger drones are become a commercial reality with the EHANG184 and more. Even big aerospace is developing hybrid electric commercial passenger and cargo aircraft to clean up airports of fumes normally emitted during heavy thrust turbine firing at taking levels. Noise, fumes, vibration and harshness all reduced with electric assisted takeoff. Energy recovery when landing can slow the aircraft down by charging the batteries, running the electro-turbine fans as generators. Once aloft a switch to series hybrid mode & direct thrust output means that waste energy can be scavenged & saved in the batteries while cruise speeds enable the turbines to burn cleanly & efficiently. Heavy trucks with 1MWh batteries for 500-1000mi of range with 84,000lbs of drayage load. Heavy boats, tugs and ships, solar top surfaces * battery electric with electric motor final drive variable speed. Electric motorcycles with gasoline engine range extenders for hybrid cruises & two wheel road trips. Around the town hot swappable Gogoro scooter batteries enable EV scooters with unlimited urban range where system of charging battery vending machines are deployed. V2V & V2G with 5G LTE and other communication between vehicles & infrastructure for traffic congestion reduction, time saving, lower emissions, cleaner roadways, & greatly improved traffic throughput with super safety insured by redundant systems vastly superior to discrete human drivers piloting each car manually. As the battery chemistry improves, so will charging rates, battery cycle & calendar life, range & performance. Charging faster, lasting long and giving better range per charge, the batteries will also become more affordable as the search for new chemistries discovers better than lithium ion alternatives made of cheap abundant sodium ions for example.
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Feb 26, 2018