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oh and one more HUGE bit of data you totally ignored. Superhot came out feb 2016, FO4VR came out dec 12 2017 Skyrim VR came our Nov 17 2017 SO basically superhot made 164,000 sales with a FULL year to sell. FO4 sold 78K copies in HALF A MONTH and Skyrim sold 37K copies in a month and a half. Did you even try researching this article???
You make a lot of flawed assumptions in this article. For one as Jeremiah pointed out, FO4VR and Skyrim VR were both only on a single platform each, how much more would they have sold if there were on both platforms? not a realistic comparison. Second, both are old game that were re-released at FULL PRICE, i would imagine most people that would have an interest in the games already owned the non-vr version and have 100's of hours invested in them, who wants to pay full price for a game they already played to death, just for VR? Personaly id LOVE to get a NEW game like Skyrim or FO, I'd buy it in a heartbeat, but a re-release of the old ones?..... not so much. Third, I seriously doubt they lost money, like i just said they are old games, they just ported them to VR, its not like they had a lot of development costs to recoup since they already existed. Also, FO4VR comes FREE with the Vive headset, that might impact sales a bit....... plus they both still made more money then superhot, last i checked that's how most businesses measure success :P
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Mar 9, 2018