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They are right. Mercedes design is timeless. Even after 10 years old their cars still look great for example. Look at the current S Class W222. It is 7 years old and is due for replacement yet it still looks modern and not 7 years old at all. Excited for what's to come! And Mercedes will do it properly. I know they won't release something that is in "beta" like that other software carmaker.
Didn't Tesla already do this?
I think short distance travel to Train or Bus. Yes in this situation they have to halve or a third of travelers which ever. DO not push back on this as You or I may be infected. Adelaide from
The fleet conversion to zero-emission is taking place against the background of the decision made in the city parliament to replace the Frankfurt diesel bus fleet with vehicles with alternative drive systems by 2030.
The eco future is coming! It is a ver y important news. Look here for some more tech news!
Anyone can call you from a car cabin and you do not know who they are. This app will reveal it!
Electric vehicle is a future for our planet. We should save it for our kids. With this app you will always know where your kids are at the moment.
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This is a great initiative. I hope we would see the results soon enough. I have only one charging station at my city and there is always a queue. I also want to write persuasive essay high school about this.
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Apr 11, 2018