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Aaron McDaid
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> So, unlike the “CS usurpation problem,” whose solution is unclear, If anybody think this "usurpation" is a "problem", then they've got the wrong attitude from the beginning. Computer programming is a very useful skill, and critical for anybody serious about a career in statistics. Just because those arrogant people in the CS department know how to code, it doesn't become "forbidden knowledge" that statisticians should avoid. A broad understanding of stats includes a lot of things beyond mathematical formalism. For example, we often need to pick up domain knowledge relevant to the dataset we are working on - genetics for example. We should learn computer programming with the same enthusiasm. CS, and in particular the skills of manipulating data structures and algorithms, should not be seen as the "enemy". Mathematically-minded people usually find it easy to learn how to code, *if* the are encouraged to do so. Stats departments should focus on improving their own skills, instead of jealously attacking the CS people.
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Aug 26, 2014