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Moncton, NB Canada
I help women find their genuine Voice and share it
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Beautiful! I'm in the middle of a gallery wall planning party, so your timing couldn't be better. That final one with the artificial flowers will be FUN! xo K
Toggle Commented Sep 26, 2014 on 25 Ideas to Decorate Your Walls at A Beautiful Mess
Hahahahahahaha!!! Burton Cummings! You can take the Canadian out of Canada... ;) Love it Cara! And I loved meeting up with you while you were here. Now, I just have to get to Luxembourg. xo K
Mmmm! Honey! I'm trying it :) xo K
Toggle Commented Sep 3, 2014 on Honey + Miso Stir Fry at A Beautiful Mess
Yup! I love this app. My daughter (adorable, eleven-year-old artist, rockstar, designer craft-machine) and I are going to go stop-motion crazy with this! xo K
Toggle Commented Sep 3, 2014 on Big Party Party App Update! at A Beautiful Mess
KIllin' me with the envy over here! Beautiful pergola...maybe I'll dream about this all winter and attack it in the Spring. xo K
FRIENDSGIVING!! That is going to be a thing; I'm calling it. I love Fall too, ladies! Thanks for exploring all of the beautiful :) xo K
Toggle Commented Aug 29, 2014 on Anxious for Autumn at A Beautiful Mess
WANT!! I love these, and I just got a great ceramic cake stand that would be so much happier with a glass hurricane hat to wear. Off I go to search for the perfect glass hurricane...and maybe a neatly painted ceramic knob for the lid. xo K
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2014 on DIY Cake Dome & Cloche Jars at A Beautiful Mess
Well we all know this isn't a simple DIY project, but MAN it's cute. My weirdo cat, Princess-Pants-McGee would LOVE it! ...or I would love it and she would look at it with distain and go back to licking her belly from my couch. She's an unholy jerk. xo K
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2014 on How to Make a Modern Pet Bed at A Beautiful Mess
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Aug 27, 2014