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I NEED one of these. Sometimes I will get, "I want one more piece" and will have to turn oven back on to make another pizza for the kids. This they wouldn't have to wait 20 minutes. Have to love this one.
What beautiful pictures, each and every one of them are amazing!
Happy Birthday Big Guy! 5 years is a big one so hope you had all kinds of fun.
I saw myself in this post, with both eating habits and just wanting to chill at home. I do not have a "Better Half" any longer but I am raising my 5 kids as a single dad and they can motivate me. Good luck wsith your program and keep letting us know how things are going for you.
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I recently picked up a pumpkin spice wax melt and we use them all the time in the house.
Nice job on this one. I have to say, I think I am all fingers when it comes to things like this and cannot seem to master things like this. I guess craft projects I will never be to good at. My daughters however would live doing something like this and would be a great gift for them
I want one bad. I am the one with the cell taking pics. The only camera I have. I really like I could now share on Facebook or send off to my cell. I not only want one, I need one. I am missing out on some quality pics as well. Sometimes it just seems kids need something so cameras get put off.Thanks for the great review and awesome pics you shared.
A recipe not too difficult for me to do. I will be making this one, thank you!
I want one of these and like I can choose even a travel mug with this to fill.
My sister has something similar for her daughters hair accessories. I need to do the same for my girls
Another blogger that I follow is doing this right now as well. I can follow everyone's progress and like it. Best of luck to you both.
I have never seen one like this, it is so cool. Mine use to have the mats that just layed on the floor. This one is just great
I don't ever want my girls to out grow their doll playing. I like when they get together with cousins and play house. They just grow up too fast
My sister lived in Tacoma for about 5 years, she loved it in Washington State. You took some outstanding pics here, perfect time for photos
You're right, with as many of us that have bad nights sleeping, we all need something like this. I have to say, the picture just made me smile, it is terrific
Play time is important for many reasons, they get exercise, learn balance and so much more
I like the Flutter Sleeve Striped Dress in neon pink for my daughter
Cute pictures and having 5 kids, mine are all real close as well. I have 2 sisters, one does live out of state with my nephew but the other I see al the time with my other nephew and 2 nieces. Like you, my kids are like sisters/brothers with them and it is awesome
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Lost my comment but said how my kids take off with my phone to play games and many times, I am with a dead battery. This would be great to have
Having 5 kids with me and a single dad, we have been trying to stock up on many things needed such as sock, t-shirts, school supplies and just so many things. Been watching for sales and getting it then.
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Aug 27, 2014