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Jack Connor's comment failed to define "the concept of sharia" that it claimed is the "core concept" of Islam.
Jonathan wrote: "...and did so without significantly degrading our military/economic power" 1. What would happen to petrodollar? 2. On another front -- US advocates for Israel are forming a network with Saudi lobby in USA : "the latest addition to the Saudi government payroll includes former US Senator Norm Coleman, a Republican from Minnesota who leads one of the largest Super PACs in the country. . . . "The contract to work with Coleman was registered in July through Hogan Lovells, a law firm where Coleman has worked since 2011 . . . "What's notable about the hiring of Coleman is that he appears to be the first leader of a significant Super PAC to simultaneously lobby for a foreign government. . . . [or two foreign governments -] "For Coleman, who also serves on the board of the National Endowment for Democracy, the job of Saudi lobbyist comes as somewhat of a role reversal from the senator's work a decade ago. In 2005, Coleman signed onto a congressional letter condemning the Saudi government for distributing publications that preach a "Nazi-like hatred for Jews" and for spreading extremist ideology throughout the world. ..." But Coleman's two hats unite against nuclear Iran: "Coleman suggested that the Saudi Ambassador fears a nuclear weapons-armed Iran just as much as Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer. "If you look at the Saudis and the Emiratis, the Israelis on issues of Iran, on issues on what's happening in Syria, on issues of what's happening in Iraq, on Hamas, Hezbollah—there is a confluence of interest," he continued, asking why the United States has not staked out the same positions as its allies. "We should be hand in glove with our allies in the region on these issues." 3. Which cycles back to #1., what happens to the petrodollar if US loses its grip on KSA and Israel increases its influence with KSA against a common enemy, Iran? Former CIA analyst Jim Rickards claims that the Obama pivot toward Iran is a betrayal of Sonnenfeldt-Kissinger-US pledge to protect the Saudi monarchy in exchange for KSA selling oil in dollars.
Mr. Sale wrote: "Hitler, when he came to power, promised to end unemployment, restore the currency, rearm, and mass produce cars. He vowed to build the autobahns and reclaim territories lost by the Treaty. The means to achieve these goals was to be military conquest. He would wage a war that would violate all standards of civilized warfare and would be waged in the most inhumane fashion possible." --- The goals mentioned in the first sentence were achieved by the Germans in the years between 1933 and 1939, before "military conquest" began. That is, they were all achieved by nonviolent, non-military means. As well, how can it follow logically that Hitler intended to achieve these goals "through military conquest" when "Germany had no heavy bomber fleet" ? Given that the US and British had already decided that the next war would be an air war that would target the adversary's means of industrial/military production as well as working-class civilian producers, and that very early on the US had set up facilities to annihilate those civilians, including their infant children [see p. 16] through what historian H. Stuart Hughes called "terror weapons," the "first use of weapons of mass destruction in history" [Commentary Reader, Norman Podhoretz, ed; p. 162] ; is it completely accurate to write that "[Hitler] would wage a war that would violate all standards of civilized warfare and would be waged in the most inhumane fashion possible"? = = = = Mr. Sales explained that the US became an industrial, mass-production juggernaut, far out-stripping Hitler's expectations or capacity; "Both Russia and the United States were masters of the techniques of mass production, which Germany never employed. It made all the difference." - - - - To which it might be added that US and British pilots carried out the plan conceived by Churchill around 1919 and endorsed by FDR at least as early as 1939 to use air power to penetrate the adversary's homeland and destroy its war-making capacity to the extent that 75% of German civilian and industrial infrastructure was reduced to rubble and as many as 600,000 German civilians incinerated or asphyxiated in the Allied firebombing campaigns, while the US industrial front, spread over many cities in the heartland, were untouched [see Jörg Friedrich, "The Fire: The Bombing of Germany, 1940-1945" ). Geography is destiny. As you stated, Mr. Sales, NSDAP had not planned for "military conquest" by building heavy bombers, but as Friedrich and the US Department of the Interior report, the US had made and used such plans even before the outbreak of a shooting war. Is it not possible to conjecture that NSDAP labor camps were used in part to shelter some of the 7 million German civilians who were "de-housed" ("Bomber" Harris's term) by Allied firebombing as well as a belated effort to catch up to US military-industrial production capacity? = = = = = Sales wrote: "Christianity was abolished and there was to be a return to the Norse legends and tales of former Aryan glory. " - - - - - In "Mein Kampf," Hitler assessed as mistaken Bismark's actions in dividing German Protestants against Catholics; he thought such tactics divided the nation against itself when it needed to be unified. Thus, he argued that both Protestants and Catholics should have equal standing. Indeed, as R. H. S. Stolfi argues in "Hitler: Beyond Evil and Tyranny," Hitler was romantically informed by his love of opera and the Norse legends and thought those tales could be the unifying element of German culture (much as Kennan argued that Russian literature unifies Russian culture, and the Persian epic "Shahnameh" unifies Iranian culture, Islam notwithstanding). That "Christianity was abolished" seems to be contraindicated by Susannah Heschel's claims in "The Aryan Jesus: Christian Theologians and the Bible in Nazi Germany." Heschel argued that Christianity was very much alive in Germany in the Nazi era, but that it sought to remove Hebrew influences from expressions of Christianity. Heschel claims that Nazis endorsed this interpretation of Christianity. = = = = = = Sales wrote: "Germany was to turn Europe into a slave state." - - - - - - In "Freedom Betrayed" Herbert Hoover argues repeatedly that, after having met with Hitler and Goering and numerous European diplomats, Hoover was convinced that Germany had no intentions of targeting Western Europe; Hitler's animus was directed eastward. If the French and British remained uninvolved, Germany would not involve them. One line of argument holds that Hitler did not vanquish the British at Dunkirk because he actually believed that an alliance or at least friendship with the British better served German interests. Further, Hoover tried to convince western Europeans that they were in no position to tangle with Germany and would only suffer great harm if they did. Had Hitler been given freedom to battle Russia to their mutual exhaustion, the Continent would experience "a century of peace." As Pat Buchanan argues, the British R2P Poland was inexplicable and, ultimately, betrayed, but it did strike the flint to a hot war that Germany did not seek and Churchill was not able to douse without US and Russian assistance.
Jim Rickards provides some insights into the entanglement of US economic situation and the ability of Saudis to demand Obama's acquiescence to their demands that ISIL in Syria be "degraded and destroyed" -- ISIL is more a threat to the royals than to any USAian. To keep the petrodollar dominant, and Wall Street and therefore baby boomer retirement accounts & pension funds afloat, Obama must keep the royals on their thrones and "degrade and destroy" those nasty Arab Street people who seek a say in their own governance. I wonder why the Murdochians have not repeated "Sonnenfeldt & Kissinger made a deal with the Saudi royals" as often as they have said, "Beheadings! Barbaric!". Zionists & neocons are fully onboard the 'strategy' in the way that both groups love best -- as night flowers that benefit from actions without having to actively participate or even show their colors. As Milton Friedman said in a speech in Chicago the day he was announced as winner of Nobel, Zionists have always thrived by exploiting niches.
Toggle Commented Sep 30, 2014 on Obama as neocon convert at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Fred, Israelis create their own reality, most often to fit the actors and stage-sets that have produced an adrenaline surge in the past. Most often, those scenes revolve around war making. In those plots, Hizbollah/Iran are the antagonists and any actions to destroy those evildoers are "realistic," even if they are counterproductive in the longer term. One tragedy of zionism is that it thought the drama of war-making was the same as state-building. A larger tragedy is that zionism's protectors, the British and US, failed to be the grown ups and teach Israel how to be a state; instead, they fed Israel's military addiction.
Pre-WWII most Americans were "isolationists," "war-weary" and distrustful after WWI. The goad to switch to an interventionist footing was that "Hitler intended to take over the entire world. ... the end of civilization as we know it." Herbert Hoover wrote in "Freedom Betrayed" that that notion was hyperbolic; Hitler's intentions were Eastward. While NSDAP did send some spies to US, they were quickly dealt with; most of Germany's predations were contained in Europe. Perhaps it's similarly hyperbolic to claim that ISIS seeks to "impose Sharia law over the entire world.' The "bloodthirsty loonies" act is reminiscent of the mad-dog aspect zionism adopts from time to time, Islamic krav maga in rhetoric if not kinesis. The opposite extreme might be described as: Islamic remnants of Ottoman empire seek to claim the self-determination that was denied them at Versailles. Much like zionists (who "achieved a dual triumph at Versailles", per Edwin Black), Islamists have armed themselves with leftover Allied weaponry; have observed & are modeling the practices of the Allies/Coalition of the Wiling; and are " in fact a serious military and political force that has won battlefield victories and established a working state" just as zionists were, did, and are.
On Connecticut Ave. just off Beltway ramp there is a beautiful old dogwood tree that is half-pink and half-white. Visitation Academy in Georgetown has a number of old Japanese cherry trees. The delicately blossomed trees are grafted onto hardier root systems; sometimes the characteristics of the root tree peek out. Some trees bear mixed fruits.
When you do please let me know, Col.
To apply that view of Islam to all Muslims is akin to arguing that all of Christianity endorses John Hagee. I need more convincing than you have provided. Seems to me it would be helpful to reflect that "westernizing" Islam is not the very best way to understand the entire phenomenon -- not every Muslim eats blood-warm liver, but not every Muslim seeks to renounce his Muslim culture in favor of "westernism." I met scores of young Iranian girls, 12-15 year olds clothed in hijab that reminded me of Catholic schoolgirls back in the day --- I actually found them more refreshing and centered in their identities than the American schoolgirls that I observe in cutoffs that cover less than products that Victoria's Secret vends. What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive -- Iranian Islam is different from Wahhabism is different from Muslim Brotherhood is different from California Girls. I refuse to be as afraid of ISIL as I am afraid of the profound ignorance of much of the American polity.
Moon of Alabama has a radically different perception on ISIS than does SST -- As for the Israeli downing of Syrian plane -- "Concealed by US Airstrikes Israel opens NUSRA path to Lebanon" "Also today the Syrian airforce wanted to bomb Jabhat al-Nusra positions in the Golan heights where Nusra is, as first reported here, opening a corridor from Jordan towards Lebanon and for attacks on Damascus right along the demarcation line between Israel and Syria. Israel, in quite open support effort for the Nusra plan, shot down the Syrian SU-24 using U.S. provided Patriot missiles. While Israel claims that the plane violated its border the reported crash site was far from the border near Kanaker, Syria which is halfway between the demarcation line and Damascus. Under the protection of the U.S. attack on IS and other targets Israel now practically established a no-fly-zone next to the Golan which will allow Jabhat al-Nusra to safely use the corridor and to attack Hizbullah in Qalamoun and in south Lebanon. It also opens space for new attacks on Damascus." The ultimate target is Iran, which has refused, for decades now, to be provoked into engaging in overt warfare but just sits there on its landmass annoying the hell out of Netanyahu & company.
Oh, Col. Lang, I have far less than zero experience in the region; I have a romantic notion of Iran. I hear Iran and think ancient Persia -- not quite the Shah's lavish anniversary celebration - Persia, but what I imagine (fantasize?) is a deeply-embedded Persian sense of poetry, comity, rationality, and history. Cyrus laid a groundwork for Persian getting-along-with-neighbors that is, I think, the equal of what Americans imagine was established by US founders. I think, or hope, that Iranians have a very deep well to draw upon.
What about Iran? After spending his post-op convalescence being entertained by US double-talk re plans for ISIS, Khamenei respectfully declined the invitation to join the US coalition against ISIS. Iran's deputy foreign minister met with his Saudi counterpart in Jeddah. If the Islamic states manage to overcome the religious divides that are real, but that Westerners have attempted to exacerbate, does anyone see the possibility of pan-Islamic solidarity in the region? In 1995, at the time of the signing of the extension of NPT, at least Egypt & Iran sat at the same table and agreed to the same deal (that was never fulfilled) -- in exchange for their acquiescence to permanent extension of NPT, a conference to discuss a nuclear-free zone in the region, at which Israel's nukes would be on the table, would be convened. And a few years ago, Erdogan collaborated with Iran (and Brazil) to craft a nuclear deal that Iran agreed to (but Obama's administration/Clinton rejected). So there are some embers of cooperation between these parties. It may be that the western-led coalition against ISIL is just the galvanizing force required to bring KSA, Iran, Egypt, Iraq, Syria together. -- no -- Egypt's Sisi is Netanyahu's man. back to the drawing board. "The [Aramco] pipeline was originally planned to run from Saudi Arabia's Abqaiq oil fields to the port of Haifa in Palestine where there already was a modest terminal facility for a pipeline from the Kirkuk oil fields in Iraq. The conflict between the British Mandate and the Israeli independence movement had the Tapline company serveying alternate routes already in 1946. These routes were all aimed at circumventing Palestine. "Trans-Jordan" appeared also at the time to be a country to be avoided. The final route went through Jordan, over the Golan Heights in Syria - and not without some political consequences - to end at Sidon in Lebanon. Syrian parliamentary objections ****necessitated**** the CIA-aided 1949 coup in order to secure "right of way" over the Golan Heights. The end of pipeline operations were also instigated by sabotage and related problems with the portion passing over the Heights in the climate of political turmoil after the 1967 occupation by Israel. . . ."
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