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Wall V Erine
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@jai, How is it in their interest to vote for unlimited immigration into the USA? Because the immigrants will vote for Democrats? You should really stick to your Climastrology... at least sometimes you sound reasonable.
@Tim, 1) The extreme leftists are already in power and have been since about 1988. There's nothing unradical about opening our borders, 800 billion dollar deficits, 105% debt to GDP ratios. 2) There are plenty of pro-evolution Republicans. It's really barely an issue except fringe groups. Mainly because there are important issues for the religious right to battle now. 3) You fail to see how the appearance of corruption is what undermines AGW credibility. But it's great, until you stop insulting the opposition, you're never going to change their mind... You keep throwing fuel on the flames of polarization.
But it is good to know at least you'll never move the polls with those attitudes.
Nothing proves that you morons are so dumb as the 3 comments on this page. You guys wouldn't know science if it bit you in the ass... You are really good at confirmation bias though.
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Sep 8, 2014