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Problem is denominator, per kWh. Hybrids have lost, EV's now outnumber hybrid sales. It's time to acknowledge the real solution is EVs and Renewables and stop prevaricating and get on with it. BS like this doesn't help.
€375,000 is a good price after what €200,000 in "funding". EV buses are here already, they're cheaper to operate and dont need "funding"
Look at that. A whole country putting forward only 5% of what Volkswagen is doing for electric vehicles. Is that all they've got, or is that all they want to lose?
Lol at Harvey's overly specific glitter rolling.
If only they made an all weather hydrogen powered one.
What moron came up with the idea of using a fuel cell powered forklift in refrigerated warehouses. Throwing away 60% of the energy as heat is a stupid way to operate a warehouse when you can just use battery powered forklifts. Amazingly the last coolstores i attended used battery powered forks.
Fuel cells are never coming, we have these things called batteries, they're better, they're cheaper, they're here now and they work. As for transporting liquid hydrogen, funniest thing i've read all day. Pure comedy.
I get that you think that Harvey. I just have no reason to agree with you.
It's about 1kg Li2CO3 per kWh, which puts a 60kWh Model S at about 60kg or about $450 per battery. I know of one lithium mine coming online next month, enough for 15GWh, another that will complete it's DFS this month and therefore start construction by mid year, probably enough for another 25GWh. Another doing a PFS by Christmas, so production of 20GWh in 2018. Lithium isn't going to the moon, but it's not going crumble either. As for Harvey and Fuel cells. It's over bro, let them die.
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Sep 15, 2014