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Also, out of the small percentage of kids who are abducted each year, only 3% of those kids are abducted by a stranger. That is right, only 3%. It is almost always a relative, friend, or acquaintance. So, your child is much more likely to be harmed/killed in a car ride to that safe and supervised backyard playdate. By being so protective, locking gates, always worried... we are sending children the message to fear the world. Children need to feel that they are trusted and that they can handle things. Equip them with knowledge, teach them what to do in difficult situations, how to think on their feet. Then we will be giving them an amazing gift! Children need to discover, on their own without mom or dad's eyes on them. They need to try things out and fail. It's really unfair to judge each other so harshly. It makes me sad to hear some of these commenters being so unsupportive of this woman's scary and eye opening experience. Not everyone parents the same or holds the same values, and that is okay (and what makes the world uniques and interesting), but we should be able to talk about it in a nice, non-vitriolic, non-accusatory way. :)
I read this a couple of days ago. It really bothered me that this happened to you. I wrote a post about it too... I am so frustrated with this mentality, helicopter parenting, and parents being unsupportive of one another. And, like you said, it is very statistically unlikely that something will happen to your child. It is more likely that something will happen to your child with a relative or someone you know! How will our children grow up to make decisions, learn, and be confident on their own? I am so sorry this happened to you. We recently moved to Norway and are having a very opposite experience. Here is my post.
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Sep 16, 2014