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Joyce Williams Hammond
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I too have been called into cps for my daughter getting out of a hole in our fence( playing in a fenced in yard with her 2 older brothers 5 and 8 ). she slipped out of a hole we were unaware of and was only out there maybe a min. or 2, when my 16 yr old realized it ,which my husband fixed on the spot. You were luckier though, we were forced to take parenting classes, a urine drug test (both me and my husband,even after passing the one on the spot)and a drug awareness class reguardless of both drug test being negative This was the second time they were called on me for a sneak away kid, (different child 2 yrs ago), now 6 got past me. I have 4 kids and have never had a problem till I moved to were we are now. In our old neighborhood (where I grew up),my oldest from age 6 to 12) played ball outside in the street (which even had more traffic) with neighbor kids without adults every day and never had a problem. Now I have to be out there with them or there's a chance someone will call in on us. Soo,ready to get out of here.Sad but true!
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Sep 16, 2014