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Wesley Liebenberg-Walker
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I love my E-M5 mkii but I'd say I shall go for the EM-1 mkii. I also love the 12-100mm f4 - it is extremely versatile and I think there is some special sauce in it that really makes images pop! To that lens, I will add the 300mm f4 for birds, surfers etc and I think I will invent the next lens in the Olympus lineup - a 7mm f4 (that takes filters and preferably as close to pancake as possible). Done.
Toggle Commented Jan 20, 2018 on Itch at The Online Photographer
I've just sold my Olympus 12-40 and Panasonic 35-100 - both of which are touted as fantastic lenses. Why? I have realised that I value simplicity and versatility above ultimate bestness. I have replaced these with the Olympus 12-100mm and cover both focal ranges in one lens. Yes, it's bigger, but it's also smaller ;P and I don't have to change lenses while out hiking (bonus!). I have kept my 20mm 1.7 and my 45mm 1.8 for small/light/excellent. I should be happy for the next week/month/year!
We have a rhodo festival here in the Blue Mountains (Aus) every year in November - never actually been before, but maybe this year. One thing that I've found with photography is that the more I travel and shoot, the more I learn about plants and animals and rock formations get the picture! I think I know more about trees and animals in the US than I do about them here :)
I love my OM-D E-M5ii with the 12-40mm. If i were to start all over again, I'd be hard pressed to go with something else - however the Canon 6D would come close, as would the Fuji XT-2. A little more sensor real estate and file latitude (when travelling, light(weight) is great, but you often only get one chance at a shot. When editing back at home, being able to pull highlights or push shadows on those shots that weren't quite right is a bonus. But I am still finding the limits of my Olympus and don't need anything else.
It's curious how often I find our paths aligned! I am in "need" of a new computer and it must be a laptop. Hadn't thought of adding a calibrated external monitor - good idea. I have the EM-5 mkii and love it, but... I find myself lusting after the new DJI Mavic. Do I need a drone? No. Do I really want one? Yes - and I think a drone might actually add value to my shooting kit in a big way (I live in an area that is covered with cliffs, canyons and valleys). First world problems are most likely only problems because of the emotional stress placed upon us by the constant longing!
Toggle Commented Nov 15, 2016 on Latestitis at The Online Photographer
Another timely post! I just signed up for the NBN (Australia's attempt to catch up to the rest of the world's broadband speeds). The technicians will disconnect our copper line next week and then that's it - fibre from here on out! As a photographer, I can't wait for the increase in upload speeds.
Toggle Commented May 28, 2016 on Time for Change at The Online Photographer
Man, is this ever some timely advice! I have started to gain some traction (limited, but welcome to an aspiring photog). What I am finding now is that, when I look at my "portfolio", I don't feel any sense of pride in my work. I like a lot of it, but don't see any true cohesion in the work as a body. Next job on the list - a serious sit and think about what my "style/look" will be. Thanks, Mike - though provoking, as always.
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Sep 21, 2014