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Seattle, WA.
100% disabled veteran of US Marines and Army, University of Washington Alumni
Interests: Country, Family, Duty
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I must remember these very powerful words, as I know, I hurt some with my writings, because I hurt so much from the pain inflicted upon me and those of my color. I will eat the hate, in hopes I will learn and spread the seeds of knowledge of it and what it does, mentally and physically to it's victims. You're not ugly, but the opposite. my sister has MS too.
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Oct 4, 2014
Originalist is simply code for segregationists and racists What an out-of-date, institutionalized racist, Originalists of the Constitution considered Blacks as property, not humans, who guides the current Originalist followers in their interpretation of the Constitution with regards to jurisprudence. The Constitution, just as the Bible, is a living document, meaning that it evolves as our society evolves that was the intent of our fore-fathers. The Federalist Papers were merely to construct our society in a way to cede power out to the various states, arms of the Octopus, separate, but eventually accountable to the heart, the federal Government, should they violate the Supremacy clause, 10th Amendment and Supreme Court. “…Article 48. If a state fails to perform the duties imposed upon it by the federal law, the President..may enforce performance with the aid of the armed forces. If public order and security are seriously disturbed or endangered within the Federation, the President..may take all necessary steps for their restoration, intervening, if need be, with the aid of the armed forces.” “…Article 48 2a. IN GENERAL- That the President is authorized to use all necessary and appropriate force against those nations, organizations, or persons he determines planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks…” Terrorize: 1: To fill with terror: Scare 2: to coerce by threat or violence Synonyms Terrify, frighten, Alarm, Startle. The Secret Service continues to send a message that the President and his family’s life are easily compromised. FOX News continues to lie and get away with conditioning their listeners and viewers to view Blacks as subhuman and as needing to be terminated politically, mentally and physically. Black Americans are being terrorized by Caucasian Americans in the United States, with the three Branches of our government doing nothing to halt the terrorism, as Blacks continue to see public displays of Blacks being murdered by State Officials with no accountability for the culprits and even a ground swell of White Hate on blogs such as this one, which further makes my case. Eric Holder, Associate Judge at the Supreme Court under Ronald Reagan <'s+Attorney+General%3f&qpvt=Was+Eric+Holder+Ronald+Reagan%27s+attorney+General%3f&FORM=EWRE >. I personally believe he could have done more, but for some reason, we only received teasers, rather than our full access to our constitutional rights, as American citizens, because of possibly a secret allegiance to a very powerful Originalist sect within our society, who regularly commit terrorist acts against Black American Citizen’s, which is both unconstitutional and a violation of article 48, with it’s enforcement powers under Article 48 2a. why, when State Police Officials Attorney General-President has power to enact justice were violating the rights of Black American citizens, with State Legal officials also being guilty of prosecutorial malfeasance for not prosecuting these state police officials Supreme Court has power to enforce justice, yet both of these two Supreme Law of our society, consistently do not act, unless the group being victimized by institutionalized terrorism, happens to be Caucasian, then we have the makings of a illegitimate government, subject to outside jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court, since we are a part of NATO and we play a large part in enforcing NATO’s powers on capturing international violators of Crimes against humanity. To not act, is the gravest act of hypocrisy in history.
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Oct 4, 2014