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When I read Professor Raskoff’s blog on murals, it pretty much changed my ideas about street art. I always thought that murals on street walls was a sign of the city’s deterioration, and it made a city look dirty and downtrodden. This blog actually make me look at murals in a different way. I decided to look for murals close to my home. I did not think there were any murals in Encino, California, but I was wrong. About two blocks away from my home there was a beautiful mural I had never noticed. On an underpass on Havenhurst in between Burbank Boulevard and Ventura Boulevard is a beautiful mural I realized had been there for years and yet I never really noticed it. The mural depicted a sardine can rolled open with smashed cars on the on the inside. How beautiful it was, and I couldn’t believe that until now I never noticed it. Upon during some research on this mural I found that it was painted in 1975 by Sandy Bleifer and it’s called “Can of Cardines”. It was a whimsical view of traffic in a terribly trafficky area. Sandy Bleifer is a native Californian who studied art at UCLA. She is currently an artist-in-residence at some local schools.
I think droughtshaming goes a little overboard. It reminds me of Nazi Germany when good people took on the huge responsibility of hiding Jews that they had known forever. They were risking their lives to save people. And one person who maybe heard of someone doing this would tell the authorities and all heck would break loose. Of course I am using an extreme example, but when the drought continues, violations will get more expensive and there will be larger fines to pay. I’m not saying that these people who are watering their concrete shouldn’t stop, but what I am saying is that we have to stop looking at what others do and just look in our own backyard to see what we can do to save water. I think it’s terrible for neighbors to tell on each other. Why can’t we just put restrictions on ourselves and not others? Can’t we talk our neighbors and let them know another way instead of telling on our neighbors? Why can’t we try this first?
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Oct 8, 2014