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Robben Wainer
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I am a gay Buddhist, Recently I have been contemplating the Heart Sutra and what it means to follow a practice of mind, body, and spirit. As a homosexual I feel the physical and mental states we reach may differentiate from traditional heterosexual values. To say that there is no mind, body, or form only consciousness, and no old age or death, may be how many Lesbian and Gay people view themselves for the moment without any attachments to Earthly beginnings. My understanding of LGBT Buddhism teaches me that it may not be enough to include there is no gay or straight to a teaching like the Heart Sutra, We must also contemplate in a divine sense what it means to detatch from a homosexual mind, body and spirit, so that we may become reunited and acquainted with a more natural form of being. One that maybe more than inclusive or outspoken of an LGBT community, yet one that affirms and confirms a homosexual divination through out all of our relationships in the univere.
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Oct 25, 2014