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Buon compleanno Dianne. May 2019 mark the year of another successful publication with La Passione. Con affetto, the Prisco family.
Travelers in Italy need to be aware that the feast of St. Francis is an Italian national holiday and many public buildings, art galleries and museums are closed. One needs to plan ahead accordingly. Bravo San Francesco!
A few years ago my wife and I were in Rome for the June 2 national holiday marking the birth of the Italian Republic. The extended parade was quite a beautiful sight and included a spectacular fly over by air force jets. As Americans the parade had very much the feel of a July Fourth celebration. Italian pride was on display and it was wonderful to experience. Bravo for the Republic!
Brava Dianne for all that you have done to promote an appreciation of the Italian language and Italian culture!
Hi Dianne, Is the photo of the church in Hawaii the one in the Kona area on the Big Island? The aloha / ciao link is quite interesting. Hawaii is a truly beautiful place much in the same way that Sicily is charming. Both places are among my favorites. Thanks so much.
Thanks so much Dianne for your interesting discussion of La bella luna. One question: When is it proper to use the word "mezzaluna"? More than one Italian restaurant in my area has the word in its name.
Thank you Dianne for the contributions of the Italian film industry. Two other films might be mentioned: Rome, Open City, 1945 by Roberto Rossellini, and starring Anna Magnani and Aldo Fabrizi, and Vittorio De Sica's Bicycle Thieves (Ladri di biciclette, 1948) starring Lamberto Maggiorani. Both films reveal the artistry and courage of post-war Italian cinema. Bravo!
Navigating through the pathways of Venezia using breadcrumbs to find your way back will not work with so many pigeons. However keeping in mind the direction of the Grand Canal, and using a small notebook to jot down places you have noted will keep you from getting lost,i.e., most of the time. A city map will also help.
Stella has a very interesting point. According to Italy Magazine, "in bocca al lupo" should be followed by "crepi lupo" or just "crepi." One should never say "grazie" for this will surely bring bad luck. It is something like saying "break a leg" in English for people in show business. It would be considered bad luck in the theater to wish a performer "good luck" or "buona fortuna."
A great new book revealing much new research on the founding of Roma is SPQR by Cambridge historian Mary Beard. Prof. Beard also has books on Pompeii, Rome's triumphs, the Colosseum, and Laughter in Ancient Rome. Thank you Dianne for reminding us of Rome's historical roots.
Dianne, What a wonderful essay on Pompeii. Recent visits by my family to Pompeii revealed that the last magistrate of Pompeii was Marcus Priscus, and that a prominent bakery was owned by Propedius Priscus, a freed slave. Since our family is believed to have come from Ercolano (modern Herculaneum) is it possible that we are related to the ancient Priscus family????? Adding to the mystery is that fact that our family in Italy were bakers for at least five generations!
Cosi struggente! Prof. Luzzi is a wonderful author who has the ability to move his readers to a deeper understanding of the Italian soul. This sentiment is true of both "In a Dark Wood" and "My Two Italies." Anyone who loves Italian culture and language will benefit from Joseph Luzzi's experiences and insights. Bravo!
As a child I remember my father calling my mother "la mia tortorina," my little turtle-dove. He also liked to refer to my little brother as "Spezza catena," the chain breaker because he was so strong as a toddler. Thanks for helping to put these affectionate nicknames into a broader Italian context.
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Nov 1, 2014