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Efrem Zimbalist Jr., where are you? You are needed. If you are at least 60 years old I am sure you remember the TV series, the F.B.I., which featured Zimbalist as FBI Agent Lewis Erskine. That show did more to... Continue reading
Posted Apr 24, 2018 at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Tom, You put your finger on the key issue--Information operations to influence elections have been employed by both the Soviets (now the Russians) and the United States for at least 75 years. Nothing new there. My fundamental point with respect to the 2016 election is the claim that the Russians were doing something new and unusual and more effective. That is a load of crap. We should all be alarmed by the anti-Russian propaganda effort that has been unleashed on the American public over the last 24 months. We have not seen something like this since the McCarthy era. One of the key areas of our anger is Russia's successful intervention in Syria. Russia has been consistent in its opposition to radical Islam. The United States? Not so much.
Jack, You may be a "lay person" but your instincts are spot on. Excellent questions. I can't wait to see if TTG has the stones to answer.
TTG, Shame on you. Eric Holder, as Attorney General, sat on the NSC and the FBI, which is part of the IC, was under his control. So don't pretend that he is just some hack politician. That is total Bullshit. And you cite the Russian IO effort as "brilliant." Please, astound us with your explanation of this brilliance. The only Russians indicted by Mueller had no connection with the Russian Government. Is this the kind of sharp, hard hitting analysis you did while on the job? What a joke. I would also note that the analysis you cite, by your own admission, may have used sloppy language like, WE ASSESS, but also included, and I'm quoting you, "CITING MULTIPLE HUMINT AND SIGINT SOURCES." The Clapper crap offered up to the American people does not cite a single source. Not ONE!! I know from a friend still on the inside that the reason no sources were cited is because THERE ARE NO SOURCES. We're dealing with an intelligence community acting without intelligence.
TTG, Is Eric Holder good enough for you? "Former attorney general Eric Holder on Tuesday compared Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks." Yes. I'm glad you made it clear that you did not buy into this horseshit. However, you have far too much experience to push the meme that Russia did something extraordinary or unusual in 2016. Russian and Soviet IO operations--both overt and covert--have been around for 80 years. WTF!!!! And changes to the writing style (which I still have access to) reflects sloppy thinking and piss poor leadership. I'm not interested in your opinion if I am asking you a question, "WHAT DOES THE INTELLIGENCE TELL US?" You are flat out wrong in insisting that language such as "WE ASSESS" means the same thing as "WE HAVE MULTIPLE SOURCES THAT INDICATE." You clearly have never actually written anything approaching what this kind of paper is. I have.
Dave You are sadly delusional. Who is this magical witness to all of this alleged kanoodeling with the Rooskies?
TTG, Thanks for conceding that the claim of Russian meddling was not a Pearl Harbor or 911 event. But Clapper and Brennan don't share your grasp on reality. They pushed a lie and trumped up the claim that the Russians were doing something unprecedented in their long history of espionage and active measures against us. I have written more than 100 pieces for the PDB in my career. An abnormally high amount but I was in the forefront of one of the top national security issues of the day. I have written the type of document we are talking about. So I'm not speaking theoretically. If you have actual intelligence that proves (or at least strongly implicates) Putin ordered and then carried out the kind of operation claimed in the bogus IC Assessment, then you absolutely would use OTHER language than "WE ASSESS." We assess is a belief. It has nothing to do with actual fact. That is the reality.
TTG You are too smart to pretend to be such a dummy. Are you really trying to argue that Vladimir Putin is doing something so new and so different from what was done by the Soviets for the last 70 years? Seriously? And you ignore all of the battling with United States has done brushes internal elections? You want to pretend that some Russian should’ve been indicted by Mueller with no evidence whatsoever of a link to the Russian government posting on Facebook represent a threat to our system? Are you really that naïve
TTG Nice try, but that is bullshit just because recent assessments come out with sloppy language is no excuse. Go back and look at the assessment was done for iraq to justify the war in 2003. Many sources cited because it was considered something Required to justify going to war. As we have been told by many in the media that the Russians meddling was worse or as bad as the attack on Pearl Harbor and 9-11. With something so serious do you want to argue that they would downplay the sourcing?
Linda, You betray your ignorance on this subject. You clearly have not understood nor comprehended what I have written. So i will put it in CAPS for you. Please read slowly. THIS TYPE OF DOCUMENT, IF IT HAD A SOURCE OR SOURCES BEHIND IT, WOULD REFERENCE THOSE SOURCES. AN ANALYST WOULD NOT WRITE "WE ASSESS." IF YOU HAVE A RELIABLE HUMAN SOURCE OR A RELIABLE PIECE OF SIGINT THE YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ASSESS. YOU SIMPLY STATE, ACCORDING TO A KNOWLEDGEABLE AND RELIABLE SOURCE. GOT IT. And don't come back with nonsense that the sources are so sensitive that they cannot be disclose. News flash genius--the very fact that Clapper put out this piece of dreck would have exposed the sources if they existed (but they do not). In any event, there would be reference to sources that provided the evidence that such activity took place at the direction of Putin. IT DOES NOT EXIST.
Just because trump is stupid is not an excuse for you. You accept a lie without one shred of actual evidence. You are a lemming
Dave, bullshit. How about some actual evidence?
GZC, Are you really this obtuse? You insist (I guess you rely on MSNBC as your fact source) that Manafort, Page, etc. all "have connections to Russia or Assange." You are using smear and guilt by association. Flynn's so-called connection to Russia was that he accepted an invite to deliver a speech at an RT sponsored event and was paid. So what? Nothing wrong with that. Just ask Bill Clinton. Or perhaps you are referring to the fact that Flynn also spoke to the Russian Ambassador to the US after the election in his capacity as designated National Security Advisor. Zero justification for investigation. Stone? He left the campaign before there had even been a primary and only had text exchanges with Assange. Your blind hatred of Trump makes you incapable of thinking logically.
Here is where you are wrong. There is a major aluminum manufacturer in China who was sanctioned by the US. That company then started shipping its product to Mexico, where it set up a front company and partnered with one of the Mexican drug cartels. The aluminum is being re-stamped as "Made in Mexico" and shipped to the US under the terms of NAFTA. You okay with that? I'm not.
Green Zone (does your name choice reflect the fact that you are in a constant state of intoxication from some hallucinogenic plant material?) You are not some great mind reader. The standard for requesting a FISA warrant is for the law enforcement officials TO TELL THE TRUTH in their application. Has nothing to do with "beyond reasonable doubt." Where in the hell are you coming up with this nonsense. The FBI had an obligation to disclose that much of their suspicion about Carter Page came from documents paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign. They did not. You are foolish to put so much trust in the FBI or any other part of government. I guess that is one side effect of your Green Zone.
TTG, Dude, you are in denial. Please deal with the facts. As of June 2017 Jim Comey testified under oath that the dossier was "UNVERIFIED." If what you postulate was true (that there was other corroborating intel) then Comey would have said, "Some of it has been corroborated or verified." He did not. Second, you are ignoring the clear evidence (see the Grassley/Graham memo footnote #7) that shows Steele was a signed up intel asset for the FBI. You are grasping at straws. I don't know why you are so adamant in refusing to see the plain fact.
Steve, Page was a campaign nobody. Never had a meeting with Trump. Never briefed Trump. That's what is one of the bizarre aspects of this.
Dave, Are you really this obtuse? Guilt by association and innuendo may work in your fantasy world. Here, we prefer facts and evidence. The KGB, like the CIA, is an intelligence organization that has engaged in some unsavory activities. Linking Putin to those activities simply because he was a "KGB Colonel" is not proof. You made the claim, not me, that Putin destroyed "innocent people's lives." I asked for proof. You provided none. Instead, you deflected and went off on a rant. So, here's another chance. Specifically which "innocent" lives did Putin destroy? And, with respect to "war crimes and genocide in Syria"? Are you mad or just delusional. Russia is operating in Syria in accordance with international law. They have been officially invited in. It is the United States and the UK who are providing illegal weapons to rebel forces and have put troops into Syrian territory without permission. Go spread your propaganda elsewhere.
Dave, Adulation? What are you talking about? And what is your evidence that he has "destroyed innocent people's lives?" If he did his work properly as an intel officer no one not cleared to know would know what he did and the results.
Greco, Very spot on.
Dave, You don't know history. The people who flooded the streets in Crimea wanted the Russians and feared the Nazi backed Ukrainians. You may not like that fact but it is a fact. Now, if you want to argue that the Russians sent in outside organizers to encourage the folks in Crimea to go out and protest against Ukraine, I do think that likely occurred.
What can I say? Great minds think alike. So, you are less Twisted and more Genius. Right?
I am giving you the benefit of the doubt that your final comment is sarcasm. When you have two senior US Government officials who will and will not constitute a foreign government, you have gone beyond meddling. It is worse.
Tom, I'm sure you'd like us to ignore Bandera. I bet he liked children and dogs. Just like Hitler. Bandera was a genuine bad guy. There is no rehabilitating that scourge on society. Nice try though.
I have presented facts. You just don’t like them.