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Rob Orr Sphr
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I think you nailed it Kris - Points 1 & 2 are key for the termination, Point 3 clearly needed to avoid retaliation claims, which often result in greater penalties than plain old wrongful termination. From the ER perspective, I'd want to understand the details of the backstory - what was going on that all 4 were terminated jointly? Conflict of interest? Bribes for upgrades? Or does it come down to a stupid manager who doesn't understand the implications of making bad decisions?
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I DID read it - All 600 pages years ago and DON'T subscribe to it, for among other reasons,it requires a level of management discipline and time that is unrealistic. It also can't possibly work after a few years if done right because it reduces the variability that the model is based on...
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Nov 7, 2014