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Hiya, I am glad you like the exercises in the book - I did try to find ways of making them manageable and inviting :D Regarding your questions... There are quite a few folk talking on Ravelry about how easy it is to phone up J&S and request one ball of every single shade and Alice Starmore's recommendation in her amazing Fair Isle Knitting book is the same: pick up one ball of every shade from a supplier who sells a very large range of 2-ply Shetland wool! I think it's a nice compromise to buy the shade cards; it's a smaller investment than a ball in each shade but still gives you access to All the Colours. Very often there are shades in the environment/an inspiration source for which there is no identical yarn match. There are so many zillions of colours in the world that it wouldn't be commercially viable for anyone to try and produce yarn shades to match every possible one! In my experience it's no fun to get too hung up on whether or not the available yarn shades are an exact match for your inspiration source. Instead, when you can't find a good or even approximate match, there is fun to be had in figuring out the compromise! This can be a wonderful exercise in deconstructing and contemplating both the colour of your inspiration source and the yarn shades that you have available; you usually have to decide whether you are more interested in keeping the value of the original colour (it's lightness, darkness etc.) or the hue (whether you would call it blue or black or pink or yellow or whatever)... and it can be surprising and joyous to discover that when the precise green you wanted for a project doesn't exist, a blue or a brown might actually work in its place. Hope that helps some! xF
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Nov 18, 2014