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Washington Co. KY
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In the early 1970's I was a small child. My daddy was from the country. My mama was not. I had a bad cold with a bad cough. I had coughed for days and Mama and Daddy had taken me to the doctor and had gotten that awful red cough syrup they use to prescribe. Well it didn't stop my cough and I had cough until I was weak from coughing and my head hurt so bad from it I was crying. Daddy couldn't take it any longer and against my city-raised mother's protest; he went into the kitchen got down a saucer and some sugar and mixed in some coal-oil. He gave me a couple of spoonfuls. My cough stopped. I remember the taste of coal-oil well, it tastes just like it smells. Daddy didn't get much protest from Mama on his old-time remedies after that. He doctored our cuts with coal-oil (kerosene) and sometimes pine-tar. He always had both on hand. If you have flies eating on a dog's ears you can swab them down with pine-tar to stop it. He would swab pine tar around the horsed eyes for the same purpose. It's not pretty, but it works. I do remember Mama making cough syrup with horehound candy, whiskey, lemon, and honey. While I never had worms as a kid, I know the folks down home used coal-oil as a treatment for theme as well as head lice. Daddy would boil yellow root have us gargle with it for a sore throat. I was born premature way back when it was science-fiction (1965). The doctors in Louisville decided I needed to be put on a soy-based formula, on which I lost weight. Not good as I only weighed 4 lbs at birth. So Daddy and my grandma decided I needed a Guernsey cow and grandma's formula recipe she had from pre-WWII, which was basically cow's milk, 2Tlbs. Karo to ea. 4oz. brought just to a boil, then cooled. I gained weight and got healthy. I know they say not to give karo to baby under 2, but I am alive. That's all I can remember right now.
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Dec 6, 2014