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Sharon Silverman
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I'm still pretty new to knitting socks and all of the yarn I've used so far has been self striping. So long as it has pleasing colors, I love the self striping yarns. Makes it a lot easier!
Hmm about 16 maybe? 3 pairs of socks (my first ones ever!), 2 bike helmet covers, 1 beagle sized dog sweater, 2 HUGE afghans, 5 hats and scarves. 1 baby blanket and a sweater and hat set for our new niece plus a doll with crochet clothes for her first Christmas. Whew! I think that's it! There are still about 5 unfinished projects that might get finished before new years. Wow. I feel really accomplished right now!
I think I mostly get spontaneous (and sometimes crazy) ideas, find a pattern, then find the perfect yarn. But I also have a bunch of patterns hanging out just waiting for the right yarn to come along.
I think I'd have to go with some sort of mix of purples, greys and whites. All bright though. And I'd call it "TNT" in honor of the colors of Team in Training and use it to make all sorts of things to do my fundraising for the Leukemia-Lymphoma Society! I'm a member of Team in Training: completed 4 endurance events with them and raised over $7000 in two years. My teammates would LOVE coordinating socks and items!
I taught myself to knit socks on DPN but I really prefer toe up and two at a time on the magic loop.
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When I have a project (or several) i'm obsessively working on, I can do several hours a day, all week. I'd love to make that a constant but the amount of time I do spend on knitting or crocheting swings wildly most of the time.
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It's been a tradition since I was little to drive around and see all of the houses lit up. Now that I'm all grown up and married, my husband and I still love to drive around with Christmas carols on the radio and wonder at all the beautiful lights in our city. I love how magical it all seems!
I have so many projects I want to make for myself, but then I end up gifting them to other people. Family, friends and my teammates in Team in Training end up getting the benefits of my crafting mania! Someday all of my cycling friends will get handcrafted sock for the winter months on the bike! :)
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Dec 13, 2014