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ASU has been providing on line courses and degrees for 13,000 students out of 50,000 already . ( It is expensive tough, $ 1,500 per course ) Now ASU is cooperating with EDX . WHY ?? ASU still will develop online courses. EDX will provide its platform and share the income . But fee is $ 600 per 3 credit courses . Wooovvvv. How come ? Was ASU platform too expensive . ? ASU has already platform . Why do they need EDX ? Lloyd comments: good questions, and I don't know the answers. Perhaps their present platform is not really set up for MOOC like volume that they hope to get. They may also have wanted the edX visibility, and the ability to join a really big-data operation that can help drive modifications to improve learning. All guesses, however.
My above comment was made about 1 month ago . There is no further comments. If CA does not think their education sure this is the result . I am so sorry for CA.
Governer Brown had solved the HE 2 years ago, proposing online from first class universities. Senate did not accept it . Now LA Times ignore the Stanford the biggest asset California has . Stanford has the best online technology in the World even better than MIT . Stanford + UC Berkeley can solve the HE problem of California by superb online . 1.- Just ask Stanford and UC Berkeley to develop online courses 2.- Ask students to pay only $ 200 per course ( Cost is less than that ) 3.- Today UC system has 250,000 enrollments. Increase that to 1,000,000 by this online division . Even 2 million . 4.- Investment of course development is around $ 500,000 per course. If UC has 500 students per course this $ 500,000 can be paid back in 10 semesters by these $ 200 fees per course . If you do not meet 500 enrollment per course share the courses among 10 UC system . 5.- ONLINE technology is improving every day . Next year online will be much better than this year . QUALITY IS TOP . FEES ARE ONLY $ 200 , EVERYBODYB CAN GO TO UC , WHAT ELSE DO YOU EXPECT . Do not underestimate my proposal . I have been working on ONLINE for the last 20 years . I have MSEE, MSIE, MSME all from Stanford. Have graduate study at Caltech 1962-1963 Worked with Mr Hewlett and Mr Packard in Palo Alto for 5 years . Lloyd comments: absolutely right - the Governor proposes, faculty senate disposes, and unfortunately the Regents go along with the senate. Solutions are there if people want to find them.
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Jan 7, 2015