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Passionate about helping people discover their priceless individual value
Interests: Mirror Bible, family, wildlife, flowers, sport, travel
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Our hearts cringe with horror at the senseless shooting in Paris and the countless crimes happening globally around the clock! The harsh reality of the judgment of mankind's iniquity can only be addressed with redemptive perspective in the light of the cross, where our Maker, through whom and in whom all things exist, allowed his creation to murder him and thus took our judgment upon himself, entered our death and hell and destroyed its claim over the human race! While his murderers were crucifying him he announced their forgiveness – “Father forgive them for they KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO!!” This doesn’t make any sense to our eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth judicial mindsets! Yet the law leaves no-one innocent - according to James 2:10-14 you might be faithful to your wife, yet you have killed someone; your not committing adultery does not cancel out the murder! (And vice versa.) See Romans 11:29 For God’s grace gifts and his persuasion of man’s original identity are irrevocable. (kaleo - to surname, to identify by name.) 11:32 In God’s calculation the mass of humanity is trapped in unbelief. This qualifies all mankind for his mercy. (the word, apeithes, unbelief is unfortunately translated, disobedience in many bibles) 11:33 I am overwhelmed by the limitless extent of the wealth of God’s wisdom and the perfection of his knowledge. John 1:17 The law was given through Moses; grace and truth were begotten through Jesus Christ. Against the stark backdrop of the law, with Moses representing the condemned state of mankind, Jesus Christ unveils grace and truth! (He is the life of our design redeemed in human form.) Mirror Bible
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Jan 11, 2015