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Elizabeth Chen
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Great article! :) (I'm just encountering it now in erly '15, when I was searching for individual music venues in the City to look at their coming events calendars/websites individually.) The Limelight, Wetlands, Brownies of the East Village, Tramps, local bands Skeleton Key and Firewater, the original Knitting Factory (on my list). Thanks for writing it. You don't want to feel that your earlier life has just been a figment of your imagination. Especially concerts where they didn't allow you to take pictures aka evidence (which was all concerts back then!), except for stealthily like with a disposable camera (after they started mkg them) in my purse that they wdn't find because they didn't check that carefully or expected a heavy regular device. Disposable, in case they found it and then it could be tossed out or taken by them and you would only lose $13 in that case and wdn't have to waste time putting it back in your car or leaving the show. Photo-taking was not allowed. Lite digital cameras did not exist yet and obviously picture-taking cellphones and social media did not exist yet either. Throwback photos of concert nights were taken at your home before setting out to the concert--glee-filled smiles, expectation and maybe the t-shirt from the last concert of that act. Memory Lane.
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Jan 13, 2015