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So type in and you get to a blog that was put up in 2011 about this and it was the basis for us relunching Altavoz. Since then we've been running FanHeatMaps and BuyingThis(TM) analytics on our partners long before anyone at the Majors even know that knew what bigdata was and it's allowed us to have an incredible sell-through-distribution for a very small indie company. Example is the use of this very pin point distribution strategy to drive GoldenHeart, by Dawn Richard to top of the charts with a #2 Heatseaker debute & topping off at #22 R&B charts. Heck! Dawn had her own store map. BTW domain expires tomorrow 1/27 visit it soon. So while this is cool it's really about a year behind what the k*.* kids are doing w/data and music.
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Or they could just use the Blockchain and while at it the DAC, Distributed Automatic Corporations enabled by crypocurrency could take care of the accounting and rights management as an open source solution for whole world.....
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Last April Altavoz had a team of MBA candidates from the University of Maryland Smith B School come in to do a study on our business specifically with regards to Adwords and analytics as we have already been instruting our partners in how to setup Google Analytics Dashboard. What the study found from and, our own internal work, was having Structured Data or Micodata on your site (which is something that's Bill Wilson started pushing about two years ago and we finally got around to doing) will improve your display rank and display. Yes, SEO is important the analytics which is accessed via BOTs, automated search spiders used by Amazon, Bing, Google Yahoo etc, are the ones really retrieving the data and without micodata most of what appears on a website is not read by them as they are looking for pinpoints and often creatives are speaking in code or slang, which is fine as long as you use the micodata that says this is just that.... The downside with our own use of this on is that it takes another 25 minutes /page extra to add it and it's very hard to do since is very presise. This is not making a Twitter Card that is a walk in the park compared to breaking down how an artists referes to their project via structured data. However, search results are pretty impressive; So much, that our blurb about a release often shows higher than a whole website about it. And, it's because of the structured data under the words on the page being read by the BOTS. While not as solution an important step is to getting a Google + profile and linking it to Google Webmaster and your website will get you better results in the google universe. Oh yea put your address on it to because new phases of search reward local to searcher info higher than some bidders on a keyword based upon proximity. BTW last part is double edge sword for those that are seeking to market US or World wide since the engine companies are trying to make it hyperlocal.
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