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Thank you very much for taking the time to critique my query. I have a 17 yo as a pov in the story. Do you think I can market it has High Fantasy without the YA? Also with the name, if I didn't go for a the YA market, would the name work for High Fantasy alone? Symphony is the name of the planet. I understand if you are too overwhelmed to reply, but thought I would ask anyway. Have a wonderful day.
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Dear Agent, (Personalised). Therefore, I am sending this query to see whether you would be interested in my high fantasy YA novel, SYMPHONY (complete at 87,000 words) . Prince GREEN is the perfect tree, until an inconsiderate feather-head dies and pollutes him with emotion. Flung (literally) into exile, he mopes about for 999 years or so, composing poetry and trying to dance in a world with no music. Longing to belong, searching for a reason for being, a reason finds him when he saves a baby torn from its dying mother by a wolf. Fuelled with the need to protect his new daughter, Green becomes a true Prince of the Forest. Formidable in spirit and mind, there are few who can match his powers now he has reason to use them. Life is blissful until a living mountain drops an armful of Green's mortal enemy at his roots, along with the child's biological father. Green, terrified of becoming irrelevant now his child has her real father, must rise above his inner conflict so the mountain can play the music within the child and secure them a place in existence. If he lets his fears win, both child and music will vanish from Symphony forever. Green has no choice, music must come back before, not only everything he loves, but everything in existence is erased by the evil whose body music stole. Losing his daughter – his reason for being, in order to save her, the only way to pay the piper. SYMPHONY, a high fantasy YA novel, is an account of individuals who discover if they don't have hope, they can make it and an exploration of not only what makes life wonderful, but of what engenders life's darker nature told from multiple points of view, I am an unpublished Australian writer, 35, married with three children, living in France. Thank you once again for your consideration,
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Feb 2, 2015