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Raymond Houghton
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In answer to all the detractors of Radhasoami and Sant Mat, I see there is NOT ONE person who starts off the conversation by stating that they have used 'Simran', the 5 Holy Words, to attach to Surat Shabd Yoga, the Audible Life Stream. Anyone who comments here and hasn't done his/her meditation, is disqualified to comment! Before any one of you decry, insult or doubt My Master Maharaj Charan Singh Ji, try and do as he commanded - meditate for 2.5 hours a day and prove or disprove to yourself, the Truth. All of you are just chasing ego, listening to your own words and not going within. Better than the wishy-washy Christian, Islamic or Hebrew 'faiths' that says you MUST believe to be saved. I bet not one of you have proved that the Audible Life Stream exists, you just blab on and on and waste time!
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Feb 26, 2015