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here, too, a telepathy lover and disappointed/sad reading this... Telepathy is the only IM client that I use and my mobile experience adapts to it: no whatsapp, no viber, no messenger, and so on
So, can any kind soul resume what is needed to make the chain work? This is my _not working_ setup (Chakra Linux): plasma-workspace 5.4.0 kwallet 5.13.0 kwalletmanager 15.08.0 kwallet-pam 5.4.0 Added to /etc/pam.d/kde the following two lines: auth optional kdehome=.local/share session optional Thanks
Hi, I have a problem with Google account. When I click the button to create a new account I got the following error message: «There was an error while trying to process the request: Authentication method is not known.» I have installed the following packages: telepathy-farstream 0.6.2-1 telepathy-gabble 0.18.3-1 telepathy-glib 0.24.0-1 telepathy-haze 0.8.0-1 telepathy-idle 0.2.0-1 telepathy-logger 0.8.0-3 telepathy-logger-qt 0.8.0-1 telepathy-mission-control 5.16.2-3 telepathy-qt 0.9.5-1 telepathy-rakia 0.8.0-1 telepathy-salut 0.8.1-2 kaccounts-integration master kaccounts-providers master kpeople master ktp-common-internals master ktp-contact-list master ktp-filetransfer-handler master ktp-send-file master ktp-approver master ktp-auth-handler master ktp-contact-runner master ktp-kded-integration-module master ktp-accounts-kcm master ktp-text-ui master ktp-desktop-applets master Anything missing? Very thanks
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Mar 8, 2015