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the left is now apparently hellbent on racializing just about everything Portland, Oregon is considering a bond issue to improve transportation in the metro area. You'd think that planning these improvements would be a straightforward process, but, of course, the planners have a different agenda: Throughout this process, we have grappled with what it means to preserve and expand this human right [transportation] and truly lead with racial equity. What does it mean to us to lead with racial equity in this transportation measure? This was one of the few explicit, stated, virtually unanimous values of the task force that seemed unequivocal at the outset of our process. It must endure as such. The Portland metro area is more than three-quarters non-Hispanic white, and is all of three percent black. No matter. All transportation improvements have to be viewed through a racial lens, to ensure that people with inappropriate skin color do not unduly benefit from these improvements.
I remember the cultural pride I felt when I got my gold studded nose piercing, admiring my ancestors who donned the same kind of jewellery. My ancestors painted themselves blue. It is racist and oppressive that dyeing yourself blue is not viewed favorably in today's workplace.
if it’s still your primary identity badge It's like Ph.D.'s who throw a fit if you don't call them "Doctor", because getting a Ph.D. is the only significant thing that they've done with their lives.
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Katie Halper tells me she’s a fourth-generation socialist from the Upper West Side According to her web page, Ms. Halper graduated from, and currently teaches at, the Dalton School in Manhattan. Oddly, her socialist parents sent her to an elite prep school, not to New York City public schools. Even more oddly, Ms. Halper teaches at an elite prep school, not at some inner-city public school. Curious, that.
We also learned, via Everyday Feminism contributor Sophia Stevens, that minority employees shouldn’t have to do their jobs or be in any way reliable, on account of their fascinating brownness... It’s the intersectional way. Years ago, I was doing research in a government office, and overheard a couple of white employees politely explaining to a minority employee (obviously a new hire) that taking three hours off for lunch wasn't really appropriate in an office environment. At the time, I thought that it was a gentle way of explaining what the demands of an office job were to someone who was clearly new to the workforce, but now I realize that it was racist oppression to suggest to a member of an intersectionality-favored group that lunch hours should be limited to an hour.
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"(Also, the bit about getting laid in college may be over the edge, risk-wise, these days...)" I've calculated that a male now attending the college I graduated from has about a one in ten chance of being formally charged with sexual assault over four years.
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"During her years at Western Washington University" Instate tuition at Western Washington University is $7,100 a year - the full cost of attendance is $23,000 a year. She's $65,000 in debt - about the cost of three years of attendance. I guess she really hated the idea of working during school or during summers.
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These grievance studies majors are also a built-in constituency for the growth of government - since government is the only entity that will employ them (except for a small elite who can get academic jobs). I once questioned the worth of a women's studies degree on a different blog, and was angrily informed by a women's studies degree that she had a very nice government job, thankyouverymuch.
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