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Daniel Fogel
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I wanted to comment about Mark Hama and the scarcity of true craftsmen still repairing cameras. I still shoot film, primarily 35mm with a 1963 Leica M2, but was given a ratty old Yashica Mat that has the West German Lumaxar lenses. It even lacked the Yashica Mat badge when I received it. I sent it off to Mark Hama and waited. About a month into the repair he called to say the camera was finished, but he was still trying to find a badge -- which I hadn't requested. He said he had lost several recent ebay auctions, but was confident that he would win soon. He won and emailed to ask that we split the cost of his new parts camera from which my badge came. I happily did so and when the camera was returned to me, included in the package was an entire bag of the parts he had removed and replaced. What a wonderful guy.
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Mar 10, 2015